The fights outside the game are not helping Roller Derby

I don’t know what kicked it off, maybe USARS announcing a USA team to represent the country in sanctioned international matches, but individuals are “slugging” at each other in the rule sets wars.

I am WFTDA; I am USARS statements are appearing in social media……I happen to feel that whatever you skate:  flat track, banked track, MADE, Renegade, WFTDA, USARS should be whatever you feel most happy with, maybe at a particular time. The rules war doesn’t push Roller Derby forward in any outsider’s eyes, if that is important to you.  And the more rule sets you can skate, the better for all.

It seems to be all about who controls the “Game”… I don’t think a lot of you are being paid a lot of money to play something you love, so don’t you all really own it and decide what to play.  At events like Rollercon it doesn’t seem to matter or am I just imaging that.

If you check what Sam Santos site ( has on it, you will see that after his weeding out some disappearing leagues, there are now 1845 in the world, down from a high of over 2000. Maybe some were phantom leagues and had already disappeared.

My personal wish is that you all find a way to work with each other and play against each other regardless of past difficulties or problems……

After all, I am the Commissioner.

“They go round and around at the Roller Derby”

Jerry Seltzer:

you want unknown Roller Derby history and how we helped communism? here it is.

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When Roller Derby “hit it big” in the US in the late 40’s and early fifties composer Leonard Whitcup wrote a ditty that had the above first line.  To hear the song, go to you tube, seek Mike Gammon Roller Derby, and you will see a ten-minute video of Roller Derby in the early days until the early 70s, and of course you will hear this catchy tune.

Once Roller Derby became popular on the ABC network (serving 13 cities at that time; almost no TV sets in homes, people watched in bars or at windows in front of radio stores), my father received offers from all over to promote this amazing attraction, and the one that intrigued him the most was to bring it to London and Paris.  So in 1953 they picked two teams of all stars, put a track and the skaters on a ship and off…

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Will you vote for something I think does it right?

After being out of the ticket business for a while (BASS, Ticketmaster), I was asked to join Brown Paper Tickets, a very different breed than the others.  They service thousands of clients worldwide, including 600 Roller Derby leagues.

I have been encouraged to advise clients and non-clients, do works for the community without regard to profit (the very successful blood drives with the Red Cross and Roller Derby Leagues, for example), because that is what founder William S Jordan and CEO Steve Butcher want the company to do.

So they are up for this prestigious bootstrapper of the year award because they haven’t taken one dime of Venture Capitalist money (as has virtually every other ticket company) and put community, clients, service and employees above profit.

Therefore, I am asking you to click onto this link and simply vote for them.

Thank you so much.