Long Live the (Roller Derby) Queen -

Jerry Seltzer:

your connecttion to the game goes back almost 80 years…..and Val Capone and the Windy City Rollers recognized it and honored a wonderful pioneer of the game.

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Long Live the (Roller Derby) Queen – Gapers Block Tailgate | Chicago.

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Almost all of you know Ann Calvello, who in the 50s through the 70s was the Suzy Hotrod of her day (or is it the other way around?)

Well, Ivy King was the first Derby superstar.  She skated in the very first Roller Derby in Chicago and for the next 15 years.

She was tiny, wore glasses, looked sweet as Shirley Temple, but was a real pisser.  A terror on the track, and funny, foul-mouthed and a great woman into her 90’s.

The perfect connection between original Derby and modern Derby, and that is why the Windy City Rollers named their championship cup after her.  Please read the great piece from Chicago.

Two loves of my life:  Ivy King and Val Capone…….I am definitely trans Derby.

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Another fine mess I got myself into

Jerry Seltzer:

why oh why?

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Weird things:  I skated with the munchkins, yes the real munchkins from the Wizard of OZ; wrestled for intramural championship at Stanford, and took third place (more on that later); rode with the Hells Angels; toked with Willie in his bus; and I could go on.  But yesterday was terrifying.

I decided yesterday morning I was going to go to a club on Open Mike night and do stand up.  There actually was an ulterior motive….more on that later.

I had been around comedy all my life; my father had Red Skelton and Lord Buckley as MCs for the Walkathon; I was at Roller Derby at the Pan Pacific in Los Angeles when Jack Benny, Mary Livingston, George Burns, Gracie Allen, Joe E. Brown, and Mickey Rooney were there; and of course saw most comedians in person later, from Bob Hope to Mort Sahl to Robin, Steve Martin, Billy Crystal…

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Yes Derby is an entertainment event

Jerry Seltzer:

are you entertaining your fans?

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Last night we saw comedy in Sonoma.

Illustration by wemedge from stock.xchng.com.

Illustration by wemedge from stock.xchng.com.

A young comedian Torio Van Grol has started to schedule comedy every month at Murphy’s Pub in town, and he had three great comedians in addition to his appearance as the “presenter”……actually, he was very funny and I hope next time to see more of his act.

There were two shows last night and both sold out (do I have to mention that virtually all the tickets were sold through Brown Paper Tickets?).  Since this type of entertainment is really new to Sonoma, it took the young talent a while to get the audience loose enough to let them enjoy themselves – also remember that this is an older demographic community.  The 300 subscribers at the film festival who saw “Derby Baby” averaged 55, yet no one left, and no one left the riotous two hours of comedy…

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