It is blood drive season for Roller Derby….initial dates and leagues!

This year it will be Northern California and the Northeast.

Following is unofficial list of scheduled Brown Paper Tickets/American Red Cross/Roller Derby blood drives…..and at least 4 more Massachusetts dates will be added….keep checking:

August 2, Worcester (Ma) Roller Derby; August 8 Sonoma County Roller Derby, Santa Rosa; August 10 Santa Cruz Derby Girls; August 21, Quad City Derby Bombshells (Livermore); Aug 30, Connecticut Roller Girls (Trumbull); Sept 5 Resurrection Derby Girls (Rohnert Park); Sept 5 Peninsula Roller Girls (Redwood City), Sept 12 Undead Bettys (Antioch); September 19 /B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls, San Francisco.

Check with the league closest to you and please donate; every donation can save up to 3 lives.

for updates on infromation and locations and leagues that will be added, please go to And

Can Northern California or New England get the most donors? Stay tuned.

About Suzy Hotrod

Jerry Seltzer:

This is just as true today (and maybe more so) as when it was written two and a half years ago…..your sport is competing for the entertainment dollar, and just maybe you should do what is suggested.

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I really don’t know Suzy that well.  We have met and talked on several occasions but are not really close friends.  But there is really something about her that portends well for the future of the game (and obviously I am not the only one to see that.)

Suzy is taller than you think, obviously very strong, and a hell of a skater and, very importantly, very charismatic.  If I were to compare her to skaters of my day, you would automatically think of  Ann Calvello because of the aura around her.   However, she is a much better athlete than Ann, and remember that showmanship was a big part of our game  –  and Ann portrayed it to the max.  Probably the one woman skater I admired the most for her agility and physicality was Judy Arnold, and she didn’t stay with us that long.ann

It is hard to…

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You skaters scare me and not in a good way

Is it my imagination or does the game seem to be getting more dangerous with more injuries…..It is almost like I see a number reported each day.  On June 20th this player broke her fibula when her Savannah team was playing.  And she does not have the funds for her medical coverage.  So here is her information if you could spare a few dollars to help a Derby sister:

You know I used to promote and own Roller Derby (oh no, is he off on that again?).  We paid the skaters, provided all equipment, doctor availability when needed and of course had workmen’s compensation…..we virtually never used it because our rate was so high anyway that we had been assigned to the State of California for coverage. So we paid the medical expenses, and kept the players on salary until they could skate again (after our orthopedic surgeon released them).  If it appeared to be a very long term situation, then we turned it over to the insurance company if there was the prospect of some permanent injury.

We required butt pads in the uniforms of all skaters, and unfortunately too many of you don’t realize the terrible effects of a coccyx injury until it occurs.  And yes our leather pads in the tights and shorts do not compare with the equipment required today, but our skaters went through almost a year of training on average before joining the league and knew how to skate the banked track; how to fall; how to avoid hitting other skaters on the track and since they were almost always moving forward (by rule) the impacts did not equal what is in the game today.  And the talent and skills of the players are not all equal.

What I do not understand is the jeopardy you all are putting yourself into.  You aren’t going to be injured at all?  Don’t bet on it. The benefits of the insurance required are minimal, and if you are injured and off for some time, you are jeopardizing your employment and other activities.

Everyone who skates should have private or affordable care insurance.  I am really surprised that leagues do not require it.

Examine your situation and don’t think it can’t happen to you, and could you afford an extra ten to twenty thousand dollars if necessary.

Just for your own good.

The powerless Commissioner has spoken.

Sasha, Yuri, Valery, Yakov, and Steve Seltzer

Jerry Seltzer:

oh what else did I do…..why manage a rock and roll band, of course.

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I read recently where Sasha Lehrman, a well known professor of Language had died…..did that bring back memories from 1976.

Did you ever want to manage a Rock and Roll band of Russian immigrants?  Neither did I, but I did.

A good friend of mine, a fraternity brother from Northwestern called me and said he had been at a gathering the night before and had heard two wonderful Russian immigrant folk singers, and because of my affiliation with BASS Tickets and the various music clubs I might be able to get them bookings.

And thus I was to meet Sasha and Yuri.

They had not known each other in Russia, but were able to emigrate, theoretically to Israel, but both came to the US.  Sasha was an expert in the similarities of languages (there is a specific title, but I forget it), and Yuri had been an attorney in Moscow…

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