Roller Derby in Hollywood

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how much fun was Roller Derby in Hollywood durin g the golden era? and did I really skate with the real Munchkins? click on the link.

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When school would get out in Portland, we knew our annual summer trip to Los Angeles and San Francisco was coming.  I am talking about from when I can remember, circa 1938 to 1940 (when the War came, we didn’t drive down).

My father and Uncle Oscar would come from Chicago or wherever Roller Derby was operating, and the families composed of my dad, mother, sister Gloria, my uncle, aunt Agatha, and cousins Lloyd and Bob, and my grandfather David and grandmother Celia would caravan to Los Angeles first and then eventually to San Francisco.

We would go casually down Highway 101 through the redwoods and all the beautiful coastline, stopping at every tourist attraction from driving through a redwood and Trees of Mystery (oooo, scary) to the big Orange, etc.  As I recall, we usually rented a place in Santa Monica so we would be by the beach.  …

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Long Live the (Roller Derby) Queen -

Jerry Seltzer:

your connecttion to the game goes back almost 80 years…..and Val Capone and the Windy City Rollers recognized it and honored a wonderful pioneer of the game.

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Long Live the (Roller Derby) Queen – Gapers Block Tailgate | Chicago.

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Almost all of you know Ann Calvello, who in the 50s through the 70s was the Suzy Hotrod of her day (or is it the other way around?)

Well, Ivy King was the first Derby superstar.  She skated in the very first Roller Derby in Chicago and for the next 15 years.

She was tiny, wore glasses, looked sweet as Shirley Temple, but was a real pisser.  A terror on the track, and funny, foul-mouthed and a great woman into her 90’s.

The perfect connection between original Derby and modern Derby, and that is why the Windy City Rollers named their championship cup after her.  Please read the great piece from Chicago.

Two loves of my life:  Ivy King and Val Capone…….I am definitely trans Derby.

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