looking again at “Whip it”

This film created a lot of interest in Roller Derby, and it gave the sport a huge burst.

And although it used the game as a consistent backdrop, it really was about one young girl finding her own place in the world.

And by the way, are Ellen Page and Mel Mellfire the same person?

And ironically it was the banked track game they skated, with a lot of showmanship thrown in.

So what is the point?

The film was 5 years ago, and today something has to get the game out to the public more.  It seemingly has become even more internal, with the primary viewers at the games friends and family, as well as pretty much the same demographics watching on the now limited live streaming because of DNN’s disappearance.

You may say there are now more leagues than ever, but is that really an indication of the game’s popular appeal, when attendance seems to be declining in many venues.

You have to decide if that is even important and what is the problem if there is one.

Don’t ignore the trouble signs for your league.

People ask me what advice my father gave me that I remember the most.

“Cut expenses”

And when the troubles began that eventually led to the closing of Roller Derby I should have paid attention, but didn’t.

So ignoring the problems only leads to worsening them.

On so many pages I see troubling signs of lessening attendance at various leagues, including some of the best known.

You are skating Roller Derby because you want to, need to, and whatever other reasons.

There is no shame in cutting expenses, going to a smaller venue, or if necessary skating in a closed venue.  (Strange advice from someone in the ticket selling business).  I do not believe that the requests for funding are a viable long term solution.

Examine what your league is doing……if your aim is to entertain and please your fans, are you doing so.  Are you maximizing all ways to increase attendance (please read the wonderful advice Bob Noxious is giving you every two weeks on http://www.brownpapertickets.com blog). Is everyone involved in making certain you succeed.

Remember, your ultimate object is just to skate Roller Derby.  Examine now to make certain that you can continue to make it happen.