From the aged facebooker

Facebook is amazing.    I have going on 2300 friends, most of whom I never met, and they send me such diverse messages (from Greg Koch in Dallas:  “I am studying Italian martial arts; karate and all the other moves, the difference is two guys hold down my opponent”).

I had a nice posting from Courtney Silva a short time ago saying how much she likes the fact that I am smiling in my profile photo and it makes her day better;  I never thought of that when I put the photo on.

At Rollercon I met so many friends that my head swam; and I still don’t know their real names.  I do know some were psychologists, air traffic controllers, newspaper editors, entrepreneurs and more.  These are representative of the underground world of Roller Derby.  As Butch Cassidy said when followed by the Pinkerton horsemen “Who are these guys?”

I was a slight bit older than most of the women (and men) but that didn’t keep them from treating me as one of them. (When do you know you are old?  when people address you as sir or ma’am).  And I tried to find out what makes them tick, but I can’t even give you a good generalization.  Those of you who are not involved with the fastest growing women’s sport in the world can’t really fathom what is going on.  Just go out once and see them and try to meet them.  They are a group of completely different individuals but always a team.

In our Roller Derby we had stars…..I want to acknowledge the new stars but the leagues usually feature the teams.  I know Bonnie Thunders is supposed to be great, as well as Beyonceslaya (?), Pia Mess, Suzy Hotrod, and I am sure dozens more but I am not aware.  If  this is going to be the next big sport there will have to be stars to promote.

The facebook friends that stand out for me are of course the completely off-kilter Linda Dietert and her posse in Houston and everywhere; Tim Roy out of Rochester I think, who is so knowledgeable and often argues with my positions but is really interesting; Charles Gay who races cars; Jocelyn Jones who is so bright and has the right opinions as far as I am concerned; my good friend Sena in Melbourne, OZ; Busta Armov and his other half Tara Armov; cousins Keith and Jeff, who are so diametrically opposed politically that it makes for interesting reading; Tim Gingras, who left me for some reason; Mike, Tami, Michi, Patti, Vymx, King David, Heather, Tara, Elizabeth, Amanda, Jessica and the hundreds of others;  most of whom are associated with the new Roller Derby but communicate with me and I appreciate it.


There is  Roller Derby (women) in Bogota, Columbia.  I am now friends with Vynx Hd (I don’t know how to pronounce it either).  Roller Derby has never been seen or heard of there, but they are one of the almost 600 leagues that are popping up.   She is quite a looker (old fashioned phrase, huh?) and will also be one of the “Suicide Girls” in Columbia.  If you don’t know who the SG are, fawgetaboutit.

It is so easy to become addicted to Facebook.  Luckily I have always been a speed reader, so I don’t have to waste all my time there.   I wish people wouldn’t tell me that they are having a good breakfast or doing the wash, but that is certainly their right.  And facebook is not just about farmville and that crap (I have edited so I don’t get the games).  Yesterday we had a back and forth with about 60 participants on the controversy with the mosque near ground zero.  I won’t get into it here because I am just telling nice stories and haven’t given political opinions yet, and am not sure if I ever want to.

I have learned more about Roller Derby through facebook and the people that are posting and commenting to me that I could have possible known:  from Scotland, Wales, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Columbia, Ireland Scotland, Canada, and of course the US.  It is not all about the tattoos and the different uniforms and the Derby names, but it is like I am being indoctrinated into a society that most people are not aware of (although they are drawing huge crowds throughout the world).  But when you are not told of something through our “normal” methods of communication: newspapers, TV, broad appeal magazines, etc, you often don’t think it exists.

I hope that over the next few years I will help to not only get the word out, but to help with some program that will increase awareness, and just allow the game to become the huge legitimate sport that our family wanted it to be.  Please let me hear your comments on this also.

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9 comments on “From the aged facebooker

  1. You are a gentleman and I am so happy that you are generous and share with us all. One correcttion though- there are many wonderful Brisbane girls but I am a proud Melbournian girl from the state of Victoria in Aus. But I really don’t mind the mistake just happy you’re my mate!

  2. It’s always refreshing to hear your point of view.

    Your words give me faith that everything I think is possible for roller derby can come true.

  3. Jerry, for all intents and purposes you are the de facto “Jesus” of roller derby. I find your articles and blogs very interesting, you have a connection to the history of the sport most of us will never have. Thank you very much for your good humor and teachings of roller derby history. I am hoping we can meet in the real world someday 🙂

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