Do you know how hard it is for a man my age to meet women?

Photo by Dibbs

O Town in Denver Photo by Mike Wilson

Rocky Mountain Roller Girls- Fight Club

Photo from Jane Philip

Tahoe Bout Rollercon Photo by Angelena C. Delucia

Rocky Mountain Roller Girls

Silicon Valley Roller Girls

O Town Derby Dames Photo by Julie A Moser Lee

Rollercon 2007 Photo by Pioneer Valley Roller Derby

Rollercon Photo by Donna "Pushy Willow" Capossela

Juicy K Tore and Pia Mess Photo by Pia Mess

Jessica Mj da Silva 2008


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14 comments on “Do you know how hard it is for a man my age to meet women?

  1. Yeah. You got it tough, you poor guy! 🙂 The night we went to the roller derby with you in San Jose, you had one beautiful roller derby girl after another come over to get their picture taken with you. And then finally they stole you away and had you stand with all of them for a picture!

  2. I’m sure everyone will be excited to next years Roller Con, Keep them all in the knowledge of how to promate there games.Maybe also how to get sponcers to help raise there money for new uniforms & traveling money.
    Your a great promater & i’m sure there is a lot that you can help them learn.
    Keep the blogs going everyone is reading them.Love The Iodine

  3. I will again try and get my post in here.Jerry your now being called a Derby Daddy, Sorry to take away all your fun.
    Seems like many have gone against the fact that a few people like how this new generation has taken over and since you have now claimed them as your grandkids, makes you the daddy of all times.
    The Iodine is reporting
    Have them as I always say Look, Listen & Learn about our past’

  4. Jerry! I love it!!! No surprise whatsover! Jen & I look forward to many more birthday celebrations to come. We love you so much. Me, Jen and ALL the pups!!! Nicki

  5. Hi Jerry! Ran across your Blog tonight. I have fond memories of BASS and all the gang there. I consider myself lucky to be one of the first hired when you started BASS. I had a ball keeping all the ticket machines running, delivering stock and posters and the like. I still remember coming back to Oakland late in the day after a full day’s work and being asked to make a quick run down to Monterey to deliver some much needed tickets or fix their machine before a big concert goes on sale! Haven’t seen much about BASS here and wonder how the old gang is doing? (Peggy, Veryl, Sunny, Hal, and Peter S.) Glad your still around and doing so well. Best regards from a former employee of BASS. Richard Egan

    • Hi Richard…..good to hear from you. If you have facebook go to my profile page and you will find a photo of the BASS group and comments from many. Unfortunately, Verle, Sunne, and Laurel all past away. All others are OK.

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