Is today’s Iphone tomorrow’s buggy whip?

Technology is whizzing by us.

The new Iphone for Verizon will be out on February 10th.   And David Sams says don’t rush to get it, even if you are unhappy with A T and T, because newer and better devices are coming soon and you don’t want to be hooked into a two-year deal.

Photo by Jakub Krechowicz.

I have a blackberry, but not a smart phone.  Apple yesterday awarded a prize for the 10th BILLIONTH app download (they only have 330,000 currently available).  Which one to use.

The one I am fascinated with (and I am certain there will be more) is the DIBBS app.  It is free and you can download it from the usual suspects.  Also you can go to the website,

It is just coming into the San Francisco Bay Area.  And you will be able to go onto your smart phone (not too loud, my phone does not know it is dumb), and see what is happening today, tonight, next week in sports, entertainment, theater and more.  It is free (including the app) and events can list for free.  I assume all entertainment (including the BAD girls, SVRG, Giants, As , 49ers, Cal, Stanford, etc) will do so because when you can look at your mobile device and decide where can I go tonight, are tickets available, can I see the website, or videos, etc, what a great asset to the event!

So now there will be even less reason to read through a newspaper or even to your computer (although you will be able to get the info on your computer).

So tomorrow will it be able to figure out what kind of events you like and alert you?  Will it give you discounts?  the possibilities are endless.

I can hardly wait to see the next development in my tops turvy world.  It is getting to be too much for my feeble brain.

UPDATE:  check out this link from Reno TV station.

3 comments on “Is today’s Iphone tomorrow’s buggy whip?

  1. 1987 saw the coming of the GIF, a way of compressing the size a picture that really made the Web inevitable. Fast wireless data should bea change of similar magnitude. In the US, Verizon calls the gizmo LTE or 4th generation. (4g). Look for it on the iphone 5, & less likely, the Ipad2, and Android, of course.
    The actual timing of he next great KAWHOOM is always a tough bet..2 years??

    The $20 word that looks to soon make the handset compute like Spock’s tricorder never dreamed of is called..
    You really don’t wanna know..but it’ll be good.

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