My personal renewal

When I left ticketing as a profession in the mid nineties I greeted retirement; then I realized it certainly was not fulfilling.  I was able to start and promote the Sonoma Valley Film Festival with a friend; sit on the Bay Area Board of the American Red Cross and get involved in other charities and activities, including promoting concerts and events for fund raising only.

Unfortunately, I never developed any real hobbies or avocations:  I can’t paint, sing, dance or do macrame.  I started some consulting for a, major company in Sonoma, and Hal Silen and I were able to be on the advisory board of a company just starting called Stub Hub.  Steve Young was on that board also but we never met;  however I did see him play in the Super Bowl in Miami in 1995.

Today I am consulting for two different types of ticketing companies, blogging (which I love to do), and giving my advice to Roller Girls and Boys everywhere, whether they want it or not.  I would like to see Roller Derby on a national TV network and am trying to help leagues that want to play in larger arenas get there.  I have over 3200 friends on facebook, 32,000 readers and 210 subscribers to my blogs, and still do the marketing for Judi Flowers Studio, Inc. (go to Bonjour Fleurette (company) on facebook).  And I have so many real new friends who seem to be puzzled that I am just a person like them, only much older.

I didn’t save enough money, but who really does?  So if you have anything you want to hire me for, I am available.  I probably will write some stuff other than this blog, put them all together and make a book, probably on line.  I have my personal Roller Derby memorabilia which I will sell on EBAY, but mainly I would like to work with the Leagues on creating a national presence of Roller Derby just as it is played today.  Don’t hesitate to contact me.

We all need interests:  mine is Judi, my children and grandchildren, people, laughter, and enough things to keep me focused.  You are all doing a great job of that.  I have a great sense of renewal in the last few years and want to just keep going.  Please help me to do so.

5 comments on “My personal renewal

  1. You are such a kind gentle soul Jerry. You’re also generous, wise, and loving, and very funny. I wish that when I was in my early 20’s and working with you, that I could have had a better appreciation of you, but I was naive. I appreciate you now, and love your passion for Judi, your family, and Roller Derby. I hope you’ll see Roller Derby on a national tv network very soon. The sport deserves it, and so do you. Love, Lisa

  2. I have to say that one of the many highlights of starting Roller Derby was meeting you Jerry. I hope to do it in person one day. You’re like the fun uncle of the family! You’re an inspiration.

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