Extra, Extra, read all about it…..

Have you read a newspaper lately?

I used to subscribe to three and I gave them all up several years ago……..I hated to throw them out unread (killing all those trees!), and their “news” was already a day old;  I would look at the New York Times, SF gate, etc on line in the morning and check later in the day.

Photo by Arjun Kartha from Stock.xchng.com.

Now they all are mere shadows of themselves.  Craigslist posts want ads and regionalizes and they and other online services have destroyed the most profitable section of the newspapers:  the classified.

In the San Francisco Bay Area entertainment used to be announced in the Sunday (Pink) Calendar section.    There would be pages of contemporary music ads, as well as theater, concerts, and clubs.  No more;  social networking on facebook, twitter, etc is almost the preferred way of announcing events, as well as venues and promoters using their databases to reach their core customers.  And now Dibbs.me makes it even easier for entertainment seekers by listing daily events, concerts and sports on smart phones.

The major sports teams are fortunate.  Not only do they post their schedules, but they are paid a lot of money for broadcast rights, and that builds a following for them as well as promotes their upcoming games.

Virtually all the Roller Derby leagues have their own facebook pages or websites.  And their followers are in the thousands.  And that is how they reach their fans and get such tremendous crowds when the facilities are available to hold them.  And there is lot of old fashioned personal contact by the players as they sell advance tickets to the games in addition to the regular ticket sale channels.

It is extremely rare to see Roller Derby featured in major newspapers, or even to see ads on television, radio, or billboards (a few markets like Denver and Seattle are exceptions).  There is irony in the fact that although hundreds of thousands of fans see the games every month in the 768 leagues in 25 countries, it is still considered underground because it is seen so little in the mainstream media.

But the Derbynewsnetwork.com carries a number of games each week and has a great following.

So the newspaper business is suffering, and maybe will disappear.  But you are seeing more and more of the news personalities blogging in order to reach their former audience.

So everything is the same except changed.  And the Derby Girls don’t care if there are newspapers or not, they just keep doing what they are doing and keep on  adding new fans all the time.  And I think they portend the future.

One comment on “Extra, Extra, read all about it…..

  1. Newspapers seem to be headed for their demise. Or at the very least a VAST change in their direction. The trick is to find a way to make the business profitable. Because honestly, newspapers are needed. The trick is getting someone to pay for online news. Advertising is the obvious answer, the trick is getting the ad rates high enough to cover costs.

    While TV is certainly a lot healthier than newsprint as a medium, it’s facing leaner times as well. Fewer viewers divided by more channels means lower ad revenues.

    As a result, cable advertising is probably an even more affordable approach than it’s ever been. The key is to know which channels draw the relative handful of niche viewers you want to reach.

    With things like billboards and bus side ads, it really depends on the layout and demos of your city.

    Locally produced radio programs are good for free plugs, wherever they can still be found. College radio is something I learned never to overlook when I was promoting my band. A great way for a derby league to draw young/smart/hip fans.

    Putting skaters on the PBS pledge drive phones and letting them auction off a derby swag/ticket pack is a pretty cheap way to reach our type of audience.

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