I’m getting impatient

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I’m just a little over a year away from a very significant birthday.

What had that got to do with anything?  Well I know the huge revival is moving at a rapid pace, but not rapid enough for me.  That may not be important to you, but time is on your side.

For those who don’t know, you can also follow me on facebook (Jerry Seltzer) or Twitter (jeryseltzer).  I posted today that I think it would make a lot of sense for leagues who are near each other in distance should play each other.  Some cities have a multiple of leagues, but they don’t compete.  The basic teams could get more actual game experience and everyone could learn from each other and it certainly would heighten fan interest.

I have heard that controlling bodies do not want that to happen.  Well, I think that is bad for the game.  The cross-fertilization would help everyone.  I know there have been feuds and leagues breaking off from each other, but is that really a continuing reason not to compete?

I have taken the radical step of creating a job for myself.  I am currently consulting with one league and working with another in order to give them help in taking the next step in their market place for working with promoters (no, it will not have any effect on the game itself;  no one I am working with wants to interfere) and try to increase the revenue to make the leagues more viable.  I don’t think anyone can believe that all of the participants are working so hard with so little actual reward, except the satisfaction of competing.

Kitt Track just had orders for his 16th and 17th banked track…..I hope to be working with these leagues also.  I have done it before, I know how to make the best deals, check out facilities, suggest promotions.  And I do not want to own Roller Derby or any aspect of it.  And I believe games on flat track, banked track, renegade rules, etc will all succeed on their own basis;  there is no one form of the game that will triumph.

If you feel it suits your league’s purpose, or you have an arena that should be playing Roller Derby, or you just want to help it grow, contact me here, on facebook, or jerryseltz@aol.com.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and do this together.

6 comments on “I’m getting impatient

  1. You’re right, Jerry, it is bad for the game to let pettiness interfere with progressing the sport. That is the case here in Sacramento. Two leagues and we barely speak to each other, all over something that happened years in the past. The original players in that little drama aren’t even a part of derby anymore, but the bad vibes go on. Too bad, really. Here’s hoping we find a path back to the real goal: moving roller derby into the mainstream.

  2. I’m operating under the assumption that by “controlling bodies” you mean the leagues themselves and their chosen interleague reps. There’s really nobody else who’s able to dictate whom teams can or can’t play against.

    Leagues sharing the same city probably tend to avoid playing one another for personal/political reasons. As often as not, they used to be the same league.

    It’s also not terribly uncommon for same-city leagues to be at decidedly different levels of play. It’s not terribly uncommon for one league in a town to have a more athletic leaning, while the other might be a good bit more rec-derby oriented. Honestly, that’s usually for the better. The folks who want to “go for the gold” can do that, and the ones who just want to have play for fun can do their thing too.

    • Poobah, you may be right, but until they play each other you really don’t know. And maybe the cross pollination would helping all teams.

  3. I also hate to be one to make comments on all these leagues who all want to be in there own areas and not spread out to there growth to expend to higher levels in then name of this sport.
    I have seen flat track leagues who just want to skate for fun and just skate against there close teams as the cost of travelling has been costly.
    Also bank track leagues have the expense of being able to move a track to travel to other leagues who don’t have a building to house there tracks.Now that this growth has taken off lots more of these skaters have taken more of an interest in becoming the future of reinventing the sport called Roller Derby.
    Many fans have now grown to see this new generation of women who can go out again and be a skater,housewife,work in the business world, & also be in the sport of being called a skater.
    I as a retired skater want to wish you all the best of luck to have the life style i spent many years enjoying and any help from the Chief Comm is always a welcoming from Jerry to be there to help . Take him up on this can’t ask for anyone better.
    Remember were still here to see out 75 yrs of this sport brought back to have class and be carried on in the name of skaters who make this sport a household name.
    Good Luck
    The Iodine of the past

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