I am frustrated.

I found Mort Sahl again today……too many of you have no idea who he is.  In the 50s and 60s he did his best to get us to realize what was happening in America.  He would get a newspaper in the morning, make some markings, and in the evening he would perform  at the Hungry I in San Francisco and in other clubs across America.  We saw him as often as we could.  He did not do stand up:  there were no jokes, per se, but some very ironic and funny situations.  He would take you around hills and valleys and to your amazement tie everything in at some point……His “comedy” would be considered liberal and very American.  Ironically, the last time I saw him perform in a club was at Jeff Pollack’s  Old Waldorf in San Francisco.  Jeff owed me a favor and had Sascha and  Yuri open for Mort.  Mort went nuts, said he never had an opening act, but still did a great show.

Then came Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin and Robin Williams and Kevin Pollock and all the new and flashy comics and Mort kind of disappeared for me.  And then today I discovered he has started up on twitter (mortsahlsays).  Two tweets from today:  Our President hasn’t sold out, he has sold in……..When you die you get to meet your maker, but first you have to meet your banker…..  Pick up on him.

I  am discouraged about Obama.  Ever since I started voting in 1956, I only voted for a Republican once, and that was Eisenhower.  Many or most of my contemporaries who are great friends are Republicans, but I just cannot be for the policies which I consider selfish.  Even when I was making a lot of money I believed it was important to pay my fair share in taxes to keep our country strong and take care of our own.

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We were very excited when Obama was voted in.  His speech was brilliant, he said all the things we wanted to hear, set an agenda which he is trying to get done, but there is something missing.  Is he so professorial and such a lawyer that he thinks giving in and compromising is the only way to achieve his goals?  To bring two combatants on the opposite side of a racial dispute to the White House and solve it by having beers in the garden?

The Republicans are united and if they lag behind, the Tea Party is right there to whip their ass.  Every where in the country they are trying to take bargaining rights away from the unions, women’s rights from women, cut pensions and health care for people making $50,000 a year who teach our children, fight fires, police the streets and more.

I have lived through about 14 Presidents so far.  And boy you knew the ones that used the Bully Pulpit of the Presidency.  Would Harry Truman sit in the Oval Office if had promised to march with the workers?  FDR knew how to squeeze his opponents in submission.  And LBJ, he would just pick up the phone and scare the bejesus out of anyone who was against what he was doing or summon them to his office.

So many of my friends have lost jobs, or are just at that level where it could turn tragic.  The economy has definitely turned positive, the private sector has more jobs, and if Obama and the Democrats allow the Republicans to make cuts which will only benefit the rich, then the country continues to suffer and the confidence to go out and buy which drives our economy does not appear.

There are so many lies:  Obama socialized GM;  goddamnit he saved it and a lot of jobs for Americans.  The Democrats control the Senate and the Presidency and are running scared.  Can’t  Obama stop being so cool and show us some real passion and anger and go after the bastards.  That’s why we voted for him after what Bush and his gang did to the country.  The Financial institutions stole our money, created much of the pension funds depletion, so the Republican Governors take it out on the middle class….no tax hikes for the rich.  And if Obama and the Dems would push for the restitution of the 2% raise in taxes for the rich, that would be equivalent to the rate they paid when Reagan was president.

Why are the Democrats such pussies?  Someone fight to save our country.  And prosecute Karl Rove, the heads of Goldman Sachs and the other companies which stole from everyone and are doing better than ever, and prohibit BP from drilling in our waters….they are the ones that pressured the Brits to release the man who murdered the 183 on the plane from Lockerbie.  Stop letting everyone get away with these horrible crimes.

11 comments on “I am frustrated.

  1. The notion that Republicans and Democrats differ in any meaningful respect is a con. On the surface they cater to slightly different constituencies, but beneath the surface, where the action counts, they serve the same masters. If you doubt this, think through what would happen if some small group of elected officials mustered support for a modest reduction in defense spending – say, $100 billion for one year only. In such a case you would see big banks, big business, and big unions united in their opposition to the plan. You would see commercials on television tugging at heartstrings, showing how families of modest means in small-town America would suffer. And the plan would be defeated, ultimately, through the combined efforts of both parties and their most prominent patrons.

    Both parties cooperated in the greatest looting in the history – the recent and ongoing transfer of untold wealth from the masses to the banks. Both parties cooperate in funding the welfare and warfare state. The notion of choice – between red and blue, Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal – is an illusion.

  2. On the upside, thx for the Mort Sahl tweet info! How great to “hear” his voice again! (Like you, I’m old … tho not quite *as* old, heh-heh.)

    One the downside, and pertinent to the remainder of your blog entry …

    We are a family fallen between the cracks, and fear we are getting too old to climb out now. Last week, we entered into our second bankruptcy in 13 years, primarily due to a stroke (hubby/15 yrs ago) and brain tumor (me/4 yrs ago) — where our medical insurance didn’t even begin to make a dent, despite crushingly $$ monthly premiums. Then, just as we were getting on top of what we owed with good credit scores returning, all the banks — prior to the new regulations going into effect — made sure existing customers were crushed, even those with stellar pmt records (like us). We tried to hold out after that hit us, but just could not.

    I am NOT a Republican and never will be, primarily due to the general humanitarian reasons you noted in your blog entry. But, fact is, I’ve grown to feel both parties are possibly equally corrupt, serving their own masters, mostly connected to where their campaign funds come from. The worst of our financial travails have happened during Dem presidencies. (Yep, I realize we might not have survived at all under GOP admins.) But, regardless of party-in-power, the further down the socioeconomic scale we drop, the more we are crushed.

    We have always lived quite modestly … and I am well educated, have overcome much adversity and have worked hard all of my life, as well as achieved some considerable success in my career. But, once we were pounded down by the medical insurance plutocrats (isn’t it hard enough to just be SICK?), then the banks and government kicked us while we were struggling to get up. The ultimate sucker punch.

    And y’know what? There are plenty out there who have had it far, far worse than we have. And *that* is just scary.

    Thanks for writing this, Jerry.

  3. Suzanne, thanks for writing which must have been very difficult for you. You have always been an inspiration to me.

  4. unfortunately, the republicans DO differ from the democrats in meaningful ways. the GOP wants to take away women’s rights. the Democrats want to protect them. The GOP wants to concentrate wealth and power, the democrats want to support the middle class. The GOP wants to control many aspects of your private life while claiming to support small government. The democrats want to stay out of your bedroom, your marriage and your personal choices. It’s somewhat logical to say many politicians in both parties are doing the work of special interests and not of the people; it’s logical to say individuals in both parties are corrupt. It is illogical and foolish in the extreme to believe that their is no material difference in the policy agendas of the two parties.

    • I would respectfully suggest that actions speaks louder than words. Yes, many Republican politicians pander to those who would make abortion a matter of law rather than moral choice, but what do they actually do to reverse Roe V. Wade? Nothing. Even their judicial appointees do nothing. The fact is that there is no significant constituency in the U.S. for banning abortion. Republicans know that if they made any serious moves to ban abortion, they would be run out of office. As for who is for the middle class, give me a break. Republicans and Democrats joined forces to rape the people of the America with the bank bailouts. They join forces to kill darker-skinned people all over the world. The differences between the parties is superficial and voting for either is a waste of time. As a wise man once said, if voting could actually change anything, it would be illegal.

  5. Jerry, I, too, am frustrated. But more with the idea that political party means anything anymore. I’m a Canadian, so when I lived back home and voted there I had the choice of 5 viable parties. You know what difference it made? Pretty much none. Here in America everyone goes about “Republicans are selfish bastards” and “Democrats are whiny bitches.” The fact is, politicians are effing, selfish assholes. Obama was supposed to be the great hope of this country, and he’s one of the biggest disappointments ever to become President. Who cares what party he’s from, he sucks and has failed to do anything good for this country. The same goes for any politician. Washington is the most corrupt damn city in the world. I don’t care if someone there has a D or an R beside their name; if they work in Washington chances are they’re getting paid off.

    Forget parties and affiliations. People ought to be voted in strictly by what they say and what they have done to back up what they say. Political parties are just a way to divide the population and get us distracted with each other. How can we care about how much the government is giving it to us from behind if we’re hurling insults at each other over our party affiliations?

    Be frustrated at the politicians who screw us daily, and the idiots who put them there and let them stay there, or in other words American voters.

  6. THANK YOU! I love you! Maybe some roller peeps don’t dig your crazy leftist agenda but I do! You inspire me to not give up entirely on politics and to fight, FIGHT ‘TIL THE BITTER END!

    • Auntie, just be true to yourself…..don’t worry about what others think. Use that wonderful potential that is bubbling up inside of you.

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