Let me grouse a bit

This has been a very weird week for me.  First of all I acknowledge that I wrote some things on facebook (danger!) that I should have dealt directly with the people involved,  and I think came across much more severe than I intended.  Were they that bad?  I don’t think so but on retrospect and talking to the people involved, they felt their professionalism and dedication to the game had been unfairly criticized.  We have all dealt with each other and I think we can go onward with our relationships and our love of Roller Derby.  They with virtually no recompense are doing such great work in keeping the game alive and growing.

But then an odd thing happened.  Another person who I don’t know that well but met once really laid into me.  Of course, when that happens, you want to evaluate yourself and see if there is validity to what is said.

I got the feeling that somehow he felt that I was an interloper using the fact that my father invented the game to try to edge my way into what is going on in today’s Roller Derby and had some ulterior motive which he could not fathom at present.  Sounded like he had been following my website but not my blog and that I was a hanger-on (my interpretation) trying for a big score.

And he offers as proof that I am out to sabotage the modern Roller Derby is that I am still friends with Cliff Butler of the NRDA, who I have known for over 40 years, and those at the OSDApro (I have always said I support all Roller Derby), and therefore I am conspiring to bring back and promote the game of 1960.  Not a chance!  Does everyone now have to cut off from the teams that are skating on the banked track (oh, oh, goodbye RMRG, whom I dearly love).  And there are currently leagues that I am trying to advise (for no money).

There is a reason that I have as many friends as I do, and most have nothing to do with Roller Derby.  I don’t just write about the game, but post my thoughts and experiences and have fun doing it.  I have had a fulfilling life of work and family.  I believe I have tried to inform, entertain and more and not just about Roller Derby; mentored when asked, and helped when I could.  I have gone to cities to promote the games without any pay or promise of;  I am invited to many different cities constantly and am sorry I cannot go to them all;  I went to Denver to help promote the Derby Dolls at 1st Bank Arena and also had my first meeting with the RMRG.  I also went to Philadelphia at the requests of OSDApro and also met with the Philly Roller Girls.  In both cases, I was not paid but received airline tickets.  I hope that is not payola.

I love the game as it is, flat track, banked track, and if you have gone to other postings on this blog, you will find 81 that really describe my love of how the game has progressed, but also a great deal about my life and feelings.

Let’s all just be nice; please check with those I have dealt with and see if I have had any nefarious dealings with any of them

Thank God Val Capone (my Derby soul mate) and the Windy City Rollers introduced me to what was going on in today’s Derby 6 years ago.  I have been to watch and I hope sometime help the growth.  I love legitimate flat track, banked track and the energy displayed by all 773 leagues worldwide (now in Israel and Korea!), my children, my grandchildren, Judi, my other interests and more.

This is far more than I wanted to get into, but it will help settle my feelings.   And by the way, sir, you didn’t tell the truth about my age:  I am not 70 but will be 79 in June.

I hope this can end here, let us all have peace and serenity (hah!) and get along with our intent of making life better for our fellow humans.

My lesson:  If  I have issues or feelings to be resolved, I will deal directly with the people involved.  And please feel free to contact me to clear up any (mis)conceptions you may have about me.

I am heading off now to the Sonoma Film Festival, which I founded 15 years ago.   Tonight they are honoring Susan Sarandon.

9 comments on “Let me grouse a bit

  1. Right FREAKING ON Jerry! We’re all just doing our best. People often base judgment on assumption rather than fact which can be forgiven.

    You are putting yourself out there in the most honest way possible;your love and loyalty of the sport is what shines through to me.

    From one mininterpreted human being to another with great respect,

    Peace and love,

    The Hot Flash

    OneWorld Roller Derby Community Leagues

  2. I’m glad to hear that things have been tentatively worked out.

    It’s worth noting that when tempers flare, and feelings get hurt, it’s often because the parties involved care a great deal about the subject in question. That Roller Derby can foster so much personal investment by so many people speaks to its great strength: the people.

  3. My Dear Jerry, You are the dearest man I know (and I have know a few:). In my book, you are not only honest and sincere, but one of the kindest people I know. I know that you would never intentionally hurt anyone. None of us is perfect…forgiveness is everything. Anyone not idrectly involved should stand back an let you work out any differences. Have a wonderful time tonight with Judi and keep on truckin’! xoxox Nicki
    P.S. You are also the funniest person I know. Keep the reportage and jokes coming (even though I can’t never remember them nor could I ever master the delivery!)

  4. Dear Jerry:
    I don’t know the details of what you had call to address in this blog but I want to tell all that will read this that you have given me many opportunities to be involved in legitimate Roller Derby over the years. In these endeavors you were always above board with me and those that you dealt with. That wasn’t always the case with some that you were dealing with, as I saw it.
    With that said I believe whole heartedly that you have never shown greediness or selfishness and have had the games perpetuation upper most in your mind.
    Jerry, I’m proud to call you friend and thank you for always being there for me and my family.

    Keep Having Fun and Roll On.
    Buddy Atkinson Jr.

  5. Jerry, please stay positive and keep being Derby’s number one fan. Many of us love and respect you and what your family have done for our lives. Say hello to Judi for me and thank you SO much for the kind words.

    Love & Derby,
    Val Capone
    Skater for the Windy City Rollers
    DNN Senior Anchor

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