some kind of benchmark

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Just about a year ago I was at the computer and tried to figure out what blogs were all about.  From the way they appeared as quoted in op-eds, in the Huffington  Post, etc, it seemed that it was a way that people who didn’t have access to a usual news source could simply write about something and pop it out on the internet.

So I figured I would write about something I was familiar with and put it out there.  I saw several people recommended wordpress so I went to, saw how you could blog for free and, the way I usually do things, didn’t read any instructions and did my first posting in early June 2010.  I concentrated on my family history pertaining to Roller Derby and the other interesting things Leo Seltzer did.

When you write these topics you want to know if anyone is reading, so I would check the daily totals.  The first time it reached 20 I was thrilled.  And I would cross-promote the topic on facebook.  (I haven’t stop doing that).  I noted I was getting a few subscribers (“subscribe free, enter your email address upper right hand corner of page”) and always added you could cancel any time.

I started putting more of my feelings and opinions into the postings and got such great response (positive and negative) that I started to feel I was accomplishing something.  Tell a story, try to impart some knowledge that I have acquired over more than three quarters of a century, and see how I could impact the readers in a positive manner, even if they don’t agree.

I love Roller Derby and the fact that it has been revived in a way I never thought possible; how the flat track game is so strategic; how the banked track game is spreading; and, most importantly, how the revival has brought together a “cult” of tens of thousands who care about each other, their fellow humans, and the desire to make the World a better place by their community activities.  (I looked it up, those things were not in the original rules.)

But some 38 years ago my life branched out into other endeavors, other loves, and although I never forgot Roller Derby (I couldn’t, people were contacting me constantly to restart it),  I was able to lead a productive life and find ways to give back to the community.  And I constantly preach to businesses:  do good in your communities and it will come back to you ten-fold.  The profit-only motive will destroy our souls.

At this time over 110,000 have read my posts, and over 320 of you have subscribed, and yes, there will be a book.

May the great spirit bless you all.  A Happy Holiday season.

7 comments on “some kind of benchmark

  1. There is too much negativity people encounter in lives
    …. Finding ways to give back to the community and help others is a great way to lead ones life. Bravo!

  2. Jerry, this is a great post on blogging! I’m going to link to it from my site and I’m going to make sure that the students at the PR class I teach at St. Mary’s College in Moraga get to see your post. Well done!

  3. I am remiss in not giving Mary Laventure credit. she adds the wonderful links and graphics…..she also co-produced the excellent U of Indiana film on Roller Derby that I referred to in the previous blog.

    Do you know how many loves of my life I have met through Derby?

    • using the principle of connecting the dots, I have posted this on my facebook page with a little push for you…..good PR never ends!


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