damn, another marker

Well it’s not enough that my current birthday is the last in my current decade (that is always subject to debate), but on the 3rd of June I start into an era that I never thought about reaching.

Photo by Tara Sandsmark from stock.xchng.com

Frankly, I have never really thought about age and have never been afraid of death.  But I feel well, my mind still is functioning well, and I am contributing the most that I can.  I am actually looking for additional challenges:  Keith Coppage and I just signed to do a book on Bay Area Roller Derby starting in the fifties until the modern era, and I have a couple of  major consulting positions ahead.  And of course I will not be satisfied until Roller Derby reaches the position and respect it deserves.   With the number of leagues around the world heading for the 1000 mark, that will come to pass.

I have three exceptional children:  Steve, Ellen, and Richard and of course I can’t disclose their ages.  My girlfriend Judi and I also have three granddaughters (of course they call her Grandma, although she is not related by blood), and the two youngest just completed their first year of college.  The twins are Sydney and Stephanie; Alexis is the older sister.

And of course I have the thousands out there, most of whom I have never met and probably never will (unless they all come to my birthday sleepover), but I try to influence everyone in the most positive manner.  Of course, these women and men already achieved a great boost in their lives from Roller Derby, long before they met or heard of me.  They created their own teams, leagues;  make sacrifices to accomplish what they have, and yet still do more community service than most other organization and treat each other and other leagues with respect (well, most of the time).

As one who does not like generalization, I could not be more proud of all those with Derby whom I have come in contact with.  Life is not perfect for any of us, but as long as we all strive for something good and look out for each other, that is the most we can expect.

So I hope to be attending games, Rollercons, and whatever for years to come.  Just keep inspiring me and I have no doubt it will continue to happen.  Love you all.

The Commissioner

5 comments on “damn, another marker

  1. Hope you had a great birthday, Jerry. I’ll tip my first beer to you just before my undefeated No Coast Derby Girls put their undefeated record on the line this afternoon in Lincoln against Chicago.

  2. Well a big down under Aussie happy birthday to you Jerry, you have brought many smiles, nods of my head and derby learnings, I read the other day that you will be speaking at Rollercon 2011! Woot Woot, my Wollongong derby girls and I can’t wait to hear you speak personally.

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