The canine from Craneway

I think that those who have been reading my posts realize that I had four animals and then I had none.

Vicki, my gorgeous and smart and funny tri-color collie died five years ago, so when I moved to my new location I still had Larry, my Golden Retriever, and Fanny and Lily, my two wonderful small orange sister cats.

They all loved people, would go up to anyone, and Larry would just go out to say hello to the neighbors and play with the children.  I was at Martin’s  next door at a dinner gathering and of course Larry had to come along and the cats hung around the periphery.  About nine, I excused myself to come back to my house.  Larry decided to stay, hung around for a few hours being sociable and then came home.

Last summer Larry had his second bout (not game, in this instance) with cancer and succumbed….He was still his sweet and charming self to the end;  Lauren, my eight-year old neighbor, came by to give Larry a cookie; he leaned up his head and ate it and I asked Lauren to leave.  He then received his injection, the last kind thing I could do for this remarkable friend.

Within two months both Lily and Fanny died of different illnesses.

Bay Area Derby Girls. Photograph from

Great pets are tough to replace, so I didn’t even try.

Judi and I and some friends and my granddaughters went to the B.A.D. championship two weeks ago.  In the front lobby of Craneway was Rocket Rescue with a number of dogs without homes.  Judi was immediately attracted to a 5-pound black and white maltese and some kind of terrier mix.  He has had been found in a foul ditch with another dog who was barking and a couple stopped to pick them up and took them to Rescue.  Now they needed a foster home or home.

Truman - photo by Judi Flowers

Of course when Truman (yes, that is the name he came with) saw Judi he went right into her lap.  He was very shy around most people and obviously had been abused.  Judi went to hand him to me and he got frightened and bit me in the forehead.  He had his shots and I had recently had a tetanus shot, but it turned angry several days later and I had to see my doctor….medicine, salve, and you hardly notice it.

I took him home, took him to the groomer where all of his matted fur was cut, and he bonded with me also….at night he digs his face in my neck, cuddles up and sleeps.  He lets me know when he wants to eat, go out, etc.  In other words, he is successfully training his human.  Judi loves him and we have to share him.

He is so tiny and so cute I have to warn everyone not to trust him as he growls at people, especially men.  It breaks my heart to think how this wonderful animal and so many thousands of others are mistreated by those who should protect them.

So we are keeping Truman.  He will trust those around me, but this other distrust may never go away.

He is curled up on the couch right next to me, resting but making sure that I am nearby.

He weighs at least 100 pounds less than Larry, but he is doing a wonderful job of filling the void.  Those who  don’t have animals have no idea what they are missing in love and companionship.  And please take a rescue animal; you will help each other.

And be sure to attend the next Roller Derby in your area….It may also be great for your life.

5 comments on “The canine from Craneway

  1. What a great post Jerry. I know how you feel about the little
    “guys:”…..I will never understand how anyone can abuse an animal.
    Truman is luck as he has two wonderful people to “love” him lots.
    I don’t know what I would do w/o my Westie Jazz, Enjoy the nuzzling…. Dee

  2. My dog, Mac, is also a rescue. If I were to ever take in another dog I would only consider a rescue animal.

  3. Every dog I have owned has been a rescue and I would not have it any other way…I currently have 3 rescued dogs and I truly believe the best companion is a rescued animal. Life is all about second chances and I am right there to give as many as I can a chance at the good life.

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