OMG, I now have a Derby wife and more.

Photo by bea29sm from

Well, I am exhausted……just got back from Rollercon;  we left Vegas this morning and drove home.

It was wonderful and crazy and so stimulating!  I will tell about it in bits and pieces, starting on Monday.  Yes I have a Derby wife and until you attend the Derby weddings at Rollercon with over 500 on hand, and you can imagine the wedding garb and lack thereof; and the presiding “minister” in a Elvis jumpsuit that doesn’t cover her stomach because she is 8 months pregnant and Dumptruck in his bikini shorts marrying the coach of the B.A.D. girls, and the Commish ……well that will have to wait as I am just too damn tired.

But Rollercon was amazing and the progress and difference even from last year to this year….well I just can’t short cut.

Join me again in a day or so.

And they should start posting the photos on my Facebook page in the next day or so….

One comment on “OMG, I now have a Derby wife and more.

  1. Great Jerry
    You can write all about this event this year it sure was a sight to behold with all these gals who have found a new life & lots of friends for a life time.
    Just wait down the road when they grow to become a senior and still have there conventions.It was great honor for both Frankie Macedo & Little Iodine to have skating tracks in our name for there training .My track was the virgin white, by the end of the days on sunday it was pretty dirty and a remark was made by one of these gals I Had heard you were a dirty skater& now your track is true to the name.LOL Lol

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