How far….

would you read a post that really had nothing to add to your knowledge?

Illustration created by Marcelo Barboza from

Sometimes people who just want to fill space will seem to be leading into something more interesting, but as you read it along, you start to understand it is not happening.

I guess it is just because the author feels his following wants to hear something from him, but he doesn’t really have a lot to give, so he kind of creates a “fake’ post.

He uses words like “controversy”, “negativity” and “insurgency” just to make you think that somehow what he (or in many cases, she) is writing something very profound.

And to seem to be even more serious and to be appear to be making a point, he will write one sentence paragraphs.

One must never be taken in by this kind of flim-flam pseudo journalism.

I certainly wouldn’t.

3 comments on “How far….

  1. You’re the promoter. You’ve seen every trick in the book that stirs a pot of people. It’s mostly useless to try to save people from themselves, but it’s possible to gently point out how to people how they are being sold. That’s “deconstructing the pedagogies of the oppressor” on the bumper sticker.

    (here cause I’m attempting a little FB fasting)

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