We get what we deserve

This is not a Republican or Democrat thing….it is about all of us.

I had alluded to this topic in an earlier post, but I think it is clarified in my mind.

It seems like most of us just accept the fact we are in America and don’t think about how lucky we are to be here, and there is no way we should pay or sacrifice for the privilege.

It goes back to the 2nd World War when the government made us aware that we had to contribute to be part of the effort to save America and the free world.  If you were the right age and physical condition you were either drafted or volunteered for the service.  You joined organizations that helped the war effort from neighborhood air wardens to the USO.  And all essential items were rationed, from gasoline to food to clothing to cars (no new ones for 4 years), and taxes ran as high as 90%, and everyone saved stamps in savings bond books until we got enough to get bonds.  And bond drives were constant, to get as much money as possible out of circulation.

The draft was in effect through the Vietnamese War, then it was stopped.  These police actions, ranging from Korea to Vietnam to Granada to Serbia to Iraq and Afghanistan were so frequent, and the government went under the policy of we could have guns AND butter, that wars could go on at huge costs but we could keep on shopping.

Of course our dollar has devalued, our kids grow up thinking that the desert wars are great inspiration for video games, and we can ignore when 30 of our finest are killed in one day and concentrate on meaningless celebrity foibles, etc.

So  no wonder so few volunteer for services that would help America or feel the need to contribute more or to help get our service people out of harms’ way or do anything for anyone else , as all the spending and wasting and wars don’t affect us personally unless we are related to some tragedy that occurs.

Will someone have the guts to make us the America I knew growing up?

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7 comments on “We get what we deserve

  1. I once asked my children, “Are you my property?”

    “No,” they answered.

    “That is correct,” I replied. “But if you are not my property, are you the property of your mother?”

    They shook their heads “no.”

    “Correct,” I said. “So if you are the property neither of your father nor mother, does anyone one you?”

    “No, dad, no one owns us,” the older boy said.

    “Correct, my darling,” I assured him. “You own yourselves. There has never been a moment from the time you were born when another owned you, or had a claim on your life, or could rightfully exercise dominion over you. You walk the earth as free human beings, masters of none, subjects of none. Does that make sense?”

    “Yes,” they both assured me.

    When all children understand these basic facts of life, and refuse to submit to those who would enslave them, and refuse to enslave others, we will live as human beings by their natures should live.

    We cannot find that world by looking back. It has not existed. That world remains to be achieved.

  2. Unbelievable!
    Salary of retired US Presidents …………….$180,000 FOR LIFE
    Salary of House/Senate ……………………..$174 ​,000 FOR LIFE
    Salary of Speaker of the House ……………$223,500 FOR LIFE
    Salary of Majority/Minority Leaders ……….$193,400 FOR LIFE
    Average Salary of a teacher ………………..$40,065
    Average Salary of Soldier in Afghanistan…$38,000
    I think we found where the cuts should be made!

  3. The point of bringing up the subject of roller derby is that: You can talk it, but can you walk it? So tired of people bitching and not doing anything. Volunteer for you locals. Community needs to embrace each other not go on a witch hunt!!

  4. I really LOVE the quote by John Harris. I have HUGE issues with our Representitives recieving Life salaries/Health Care after only needing to serve 1 Term. Not one of our Veterans get a package like that and they have made a much greater sacrifice than any Gov. Rep. I also say that 85% of our Reps lives are not in Imenent Danger to need to fly in Jet planes that cost the people Thousands of dollars. If smalll business owners could run the gov. I guarantee we would be out of Debt in a matter of 5 yrs and we would only see profits there after. We need to stop worrying about hurting peoples feelings and get to the truth. My Grandparents never sugar coated a damn thing in life. They showed me the reality of life and said “Buck up hunny no one is going to take care of you. Work hard, expect nothing, and do not step on anyone to get where you’re going.” They were farmers and i am proud to be raised in a hard working family. But I see less and less of this ethic passed on to the next Generation. They expect everything and in return give nothing. I see a dire need to change our way of thinking.

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