good idea….how to execute

There has been an overwhelming response to my post about trying to make Lori Milkeris’s life-threatening experience into a positive force for us all.

The proposal to create an organization has been wonderfully received, but in a conversation I had with Lori, she wisely pointed out that we should get comments and ideas from all who are interested in what could be done practically and what the objectives would be.  In the past months since the traumatic incident -and in the midst of her surgeries, taking care of her children, etc- she has heard from many people who have sought her advice and yet the courses some have taken afterwards have astounded her, and not in a positive way.

The objective is to get as many leagues and people out there to do something to work to stop abuse in our society.  Many of you are working with and supporting shelters, etc.  Are you trained enough or willing to try to help those within your group who need help to seek it?  Does there have to be a national organization or can those who want to help just do it, with the advice of Lori and those of you who are professionals and would like to help?

I think the point here is let’s not get caught up in creating something  without defining what it should be?

Those of you out there have comments, suggestions, etc,  please comment here or contact Lori at Lori Aid 2011 on Facebook.  Remember our object is to help restore lives and save lives, and make society aware that criminals who beat others must be put away.

2 comments on “good idea….how to execute

  1. I think one thing we, as men involved in derby, men who love and adore strong, confident women as friends and sisters must do, is find ways to support our brothers who have a problem with abuse.

    The number of men who make a conscious decision to hit their physically weaker partner, thinking that “is just how you keep her(or him) in line” is probably insignifigant.

    The number who are guys who have rage issues, who have a lifetime of watching their fathers and stepfathers and male role models deal with this, abusing their mothers and stepmothers and then apologizing, promising it will never happen again, is the majority.

    It is, however, a reason to seek help. For a man to BE a man, take responsibility for his actions and get assistance, to learn to deal with things in a non violent manner, to have a healthy relationship with the next woman, down the line, and END THE CYCLE.

    We need more men like Dan McCarney, Head Football Coach for the U of North Texas, Formerly at Iowa State, who has spoken publicly about having a problem with spousal abuse, sucking up his ego and doing the work to learn to deal with women differently.

    Supporting programs that teach men to not hit women will make sure NO women get hit.

  2. a new group has been formed on facebook: Derby against domestic violence…….A great idea. Exchange of ideas and courses of action.

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