Is God on our side?

Reverend Cooley. Screen capture from

In the midst of the regionals, something is going on with Roller Derby that approaches viral.  The wonderfully produced 5-minute feature on Reverend Cooley was on WHAS-TV in Louisville (look at if you haven’t seen it or on my page and others on Facebook).

Reverend Cooley was the first woman minister of the Unitarian Church in Louisville in its 100-year existence.  And what she revealed to her congregation is what makes this piece so emotional.

There are some wonderful (I will keep using that word here) scenes of her skating and one heart-thumping scene (which I won’t give away) when she reveals her avocation to the members of the church.

Since the feature appeared a few days ago, it has been posted on facebook and shared over 11600 times (and now on, some kind of record.  And I hope it is on Youtube soon as it shows Derby for what it is and in such a good light.

Of course, a little darkness must enter.  If you go to the WHAS site and look at the piece there, read the comments.  Most are supportive and touching and then there are those who want to control our thinking (I bet they also belong to the TP).   Revelations says this…, sacrilegious that…, and so on.

Of course this is a problem with the culture in our country today…….Do it my way or what this here book says (my interpretation of course) or you will roast in Hell or Glen Beck’s garage.

This is a wonderful vignette that does our game so much good, and I love the Reverend.

Please look it up, comment on the station’s site, share it, and just be happy that they got it right!

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