The street where I live

I live on a hidden cul-de-sac in Sonoma (actually, Boyes Hot Springs) just about three blocks from the famous Sonoma Mission Inn.

If you didn’t know the street, you wouldn’t know it is there……great neighbors, everyone looks out for each other.  When the wonderful Brazilian family who owns the house I live in first came to stay, all of the neighbor kids were there to greet them (at least two on roller skates) and promptly took the three children out to play……the parents, who are from Sao Paolo, realized they were in a different, safe world.

The Bossios live right next door to me.  They built (themselves) a completely ecological house.  Plants on a sod roof, thick walls with shredded blue jean materials as filler, solar, of course, and windows set in the direction to get maximum input in the winter from the sun and plants in the house where the rays hit.  The house is always in the low 70’s regardless of the heat or cold outside (yes we get temperatures below freezing in the winter).

And Steve and Andrea – high school sweethearts – live the healthy life.  She has provided organic food to her family for over 20 years; she also is a distributor for health products and supplements.  He is a financial planner but also spends a major amount of time planning for and establish Waldorf schools to make all of our children happier.  Both beautiful daughters, (about 13 and 16, I believe) attend them.

And if you go back to my blog about why we shouldn’t just rely on healthcare to keep us alive and well, this family fulfills that obligation.  I am a bit overweight (but not obese), and I love it every year after my physical when Dr. Olness tells me how I fall within the safe regions for all of the gauges medicine has, and 1/2 as likely to have heart disease as the norm.

Photo by Stephanie Berghaeuser from

Just one more thing to make this all a feel good story, unbeknownst to me and certainly not because of me, the younger daughter, Jordan, joined the junior Roller Derby at the Resurrection Roller Girls and actually skated in her first game at Merced the past week.  And Steve and Andrea, the good parents, drove the 3 1/2 hours each way so they could see their daughter skate in a 25 minute activity.

America, off your ass, get yourself healthy before you demand our government fix you (obviously, this does not apply to those who can’t help their situation).  If nothing else, start skating Derby.

5 comments on “The street where I live

  1. I am in my forties and while not obese, I was on the high side of my “ideal” weight. Skating has taken ten pounds from me and added stronger muscles, better circulation, and an overall better feeling about my physical health with no other changes in lifestyle or eating habits. Even with my weakness for fast food.

    I was completely out of shape when I started refereeing Roller Derby just over a year ago and now I feel great! So good in fact, I am helping form (and skating in) the brand new NorCal Men’s Roller Derby league. 🙂

    Please forgive the plug but if anyone is in the area, we are having our first public scrimmage in Redding, CA on October 15th during the halftime of the Redding Roller Girls game!

  2. Mr. Seltzer, I certainly admired your dad and am thankful he began the Derby. I love the old school Derby. I used to skate when younger. Now I would just love to be able to stand on a banked track once in my life and have my photo taken there.

    But, as I said, that is my dream.

    B. J. Coop

  3. Jerry!! All at once am I, seven stories high, knowing I’m on the street where you live .

    Here is how I see it:
    Daughter ‘Jordan’ (our spelling) was extremely proud to attend the adult Resurrection Cinder Rollers bout last Thursday with THE Jerry Seltzer. Jerry treated her like she was his niece, got her in for free, and then snuck off and surprised her with a customized T-shirt he bought for her with her derby name printed on the back. (Thank you Jerry!)

    Jourdyn (her spelling) has swung on the swing that hangs from the large oak in Jerry’s front yard a hundred times. All the neighborhood children have and still do. And, even though they often times litter it with skateboards or scooters or balls or garbage or the broken basketball hoop that now lays on its side, Jerry never angers and always welcomes everyone.

    Jerry can usually be found with a smile on his face, usually caring for an animal. He recently adopted a shelter dog. The little dog nipped at him, and Jerry, probably thinking that no one else would adopt it, took it in to his care and loved it unconditionally. The dog now loves Jerry. We all love Jerry.

    • Thank you so much, Andrea; and it was so great that your Steve drove us and is so supportive of you, your daughters, and Jourdyn’s (her spelling) Roller Derby and all the other family activities that you spend so much time on and of course you have a demanding job. You know, Andrea, you could skate also….on facebook there is a site “Derby over 40” that has a lot of people on it. Love, your neighbor.

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