one bit at a time

I got upset years ago when I read that creationists had figured the way to get their agenda taught would be to get their people on the local school boards and that is what happened.

The TP and repubs and Koch brothers realized get control of 1 state at a time and you can get your agenda without stirring up the whole country…..

Just watching House C-span as a fat Texan rep was touting a bill to stop controlling air pollution from cement factories as we couldn’t afford it; on facebook a posting how Kansas wants to stop considering domestic violence a crime because of police expense; Choice no longer available or made difficult.

Just a small but rabid percentage of our population has focused on getting their people elected and scaring the hell out of everybody else.

Scream and shout if you like, but if we are not as serious and committed as in 2008 regardless how we feel about the current status, then we are just stupid.

3 comments on “one bit at a time

  1. If you don’t get active, don’t start complaining! It is up to all of us, regardless of political affiliations to take responsibility and stand up for what you think is right. IT’s very frustrating listening to peopl complain about the economy, or schools or peoples rights and then when you ask them if they voted, they tell you they were busy that day or give you an answer like “What difference would it make”. The only way our Congresspeople and Senators get elected is by people voting! If you don’t like them, voter against them, or better yet, run against them! Take control of your future!

    • Buschie, I am so glad you didn’t kill me so many years ago! You are so right…..if you just complain and don’t do anything, it will only get worse.

      • Ha! A wise decision on my part! Glad to have you as a friend! I just love the Democrats who blamed Bush for everything when he had control, and now that they are in control, they can’t agree on what to do, so they blame the Republicans again! I can’t figure out why they can’t get themselves organized enough to make the changes they want!

        Oh well, that’s politics!

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