You just never know

Today I heard from an old friend – Stephen Land.

Stephen and Ross Bagwell came up with the concept of modern Roller Derby in 1998 with inline skates on a banked track: Rollerjam. (see Roller Derby to Rollerjam at

It starting out with the best skaters and a legitimate-type game…..unfortunately it was rushed on the air (TNN, now Spike) before the skaters really understood the game and although it started with high ratings, they fell rapidly and the producers felt to save the show it was necessary to bring in writers and well… know the rest. And the concept of the jam starting from the line came from Rollerjam.

But Stephen always loved the concept, and when I talked to him today and brought him up to date on what was happening now, he was blown away.

He was very excited about the fact that there could be a legitimate game and he may just show up in Denver, along with the Commissioner.

This might just be the time for a professional league with continuing support for the amateur leagues that have brought this wonderful game back with their money, sweat and tears.

Understand, I want to be part if it as I am part of what you all are doing and keep both the legitimacy and the support of WFTDA and all of the leagues and ruling bodies out there.

It may not happen, and what you are doing today is certainly enough, but if it is able to go to a professional game, I hope that it is with the concept of the love of Derby.

See you all in Denver.

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