the path takes you

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When I look in the mirror – which I rarely do – I am surprised not to see the wavy black hair and young face that I always think how I look. That person is not there.

But the one that is realizes that no matter what you plan, life takes you on its on path, particularly if you let it.

So I studied business in college, almost went to law school and ended up doing the various things I have described in the previous 130 posts; none of which I had planned for.

And how many of you out there are doing exactly what you thought you would be doing (especially those skating in Roller Derby).

I realize now that signals are sent to you along the way, and you have to be able to answer them if you want and take risks. I have always assumed that this is my one time on earth and I better not regret the way I go, even after a multitude of mistakes and failures (we don’t talk about them).

I have been so inspired by the revival of my family’s sport and the literally thousands of friends it has brought to me. And I am about to engage in some other interesting activities that I approach without any fear whatsoever.

These things are what keeps me inspired, alive, and going.

Just don’t think that this is it, because it isn’t. At least be open to anything that comes your way.

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2 comments on “the path takes you

  1. I agree about growing older. Here is a poem I wrote for Linda a few years ago.

    I Apologize

    My body ain’t what it used to be
    When we first met
    It was strong and my skin smooth
    No wrinkles
    My hair was fair

    And now it’s nearly white as snow
    Things changed
    I’m now the old man my grandfather was
    Now it’s happening to me
    To soon too
    For you, I wish I were young again
    And looked as good as I did then
    And you could be on the arm of that youngster
    But it’s gone and it ain’t coming back

    So I apologize
    I hope you don’t mind too much
    Inside this old body is a young man
    Alive, alert and still madly in love with you

    • George is a Presbyterian minister and a great friend of Judi and me. He married my son and his wife. I love his poem.

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