about 2011

Not a great year for me.  Financial turmoil as much as most others.

Photo by marcos_bh from stock.xchng.com.

Great friends have helped me, and there are wonderful opportunities for 2012.  Judi and I and others have formed seltzerbrands.com, which is not quite ready for prime time…..of course I will let you know.

And somehow I am involved in great new uses for smart phones, and I am not even that smart about them.

What is really amazing to me is the access I have to literally tens of thousands of friends and associates through the social media.  I am stuck on 5000 friends on my facebook site, yet have the ability to reach another 60,000 through additional pages.  And here I am blogging and also I twitter, and they keep hitting at me with linked-in, group on, glue, google and more which I can’t handle.

If these tools had been available when I was promoting Roller Derby, I feel I could have ruled the world.  We did our own social networking through announcements in our telecasts promoting people to get a free copy of the rules  or getting on our mailing list by writing to box 1827, Oakland, CA 94604.  We would gauge whether or not a city was ready for a visit by both the TV ratings and how much mail we received.    Today it would be a breeze.

The fact that Roller Derby is back after a hiatus of about 30 years is astonishing…..probably unprecedented in the world of sports.  I am obviously impatient to see it grow even more because at my age I know I will not be present when it reaches its peak.  That is just fine, though, as I can see the rapid development.  And I am able to be a part of it, even if I am on the sideline.

I am thankful for the ever-beautiful Judi, my three wonderful children, my three granddaughters, my brother-in-law Ken and all my cousins, nephews, nieces, grand and great grand members of the Gurian and Weinstein relatives.  And of course Loretta, Frankie, Hal, Bert, Jon,Tina, Marsha, Val, Lori,  and on and on.

I was born before Roller Derby existed and today there are so many of you involved as an integral part of your life.  So officially, as The Commissioner, I command you to have a healthy, happy and productive New Year.

8 comments on “about 2011

  1. I hope the following year finds you surrounded by even more wonderful people and is a fruitful time for you in all ways. Happy New Year!

  2. One would think. But having an awesome product doesn’t mean it will sell with all the online promotion in the world.
    I am not seeing 50,000 people come to co-ed banked games nor millions of online viewers or spectators. Hasn’t happened yet, maybe we just need some Seltzer magic.

  3. Sad I missed seeing you at Red Red.

    Have a wonderful New Years Jerry. Maybe I’ll see you at RollerCon.

    Derby love,

  4. I think we will see Roller Derby grow much more the following year. I am traveling from Alaska to Argentina at the moment at meet as many team on my way as possible and Interview them and skate if I get the chance. I am astonished to see the explosive development in South America. The Latin ladies are so dedicated about this new sport. Despite the language barriers, their difficulties getting gear, the macho culture and especially their difficulties getting decent places to skate. In Latin America the guys will often not let the girls use the sports courts. Sports is for men! So these girls work very hard to make this sport grow. – And as the rest of the Derby World they use Facebook to spread the word and recruit. I believe Facebook plays a big role in the development of Roller Derby. Some have suggested we should change the name from Facebook to Derbybook! 😀

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