it will happen in 2012

Add the digits in 2012 and you get 5…… in 1935 when the game was invented.

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There are currently at least 4 different groups who are preparing for professional Roller Derby.  One has had men and women skaters in very intensive training getting ready to videotape games; another has been training for a long time and has affiliated with another group in a different part of the country.  And one group is working with several existing leagues.

And they will all be banked track.

Should this make any difference to the leagues currently operating?  Probably it should.

Because of your revival of the game and the many thousands who are currently skating around the world and would like this as a career,  this game is a direct outgrowth of your efforts. Apparently all will be legitimate and skating close to the original and/or the USARS rules.

It is unlikely that all will succeed unless somehow they work together.  The training for paid skaters will be much more intensive that what most leagues are doing.  Conditioning is such an important part of the game, and those of you are interested can be part of it.  All are planning to be men and women competing, although not on the same teams, but that could change.

I repeat, if it does come to pass, there must be some kind of acknowledgment to the amateur leagues who have pioneered the game with sweat and blood the past ten years.  We never had existing skating leagues to choose from when I ran Roller Derby, and what you have done is remarkable.

It does not have to be harmful; the greatly increasing exposure will bring more people who want to skate, and not necessarily professional.   There must be some ways of doing tie ins that will help everyone.

Although I have been approached, I am not currently part of any of them.  And ironically, yesteerday I had a request for advice and aid from a person in Australia who wants to start a professional banked track league.

It will happen……how can it work to everyone’s benefit?

13 comments on “it will happen in 2012

  1. Who are they? OSDA Pro is unfortunately defunct. The is not though. I know the NRDA is doing something. To Me The Derby Dolls and TXRD are professional. Now if only they would add a men’s team.

  2. In order for everyone to work together they all need to know that sacrifices are to be made. To me the problem right now, is everyone has an idea of how it should be and if you don’t agree the mentality is “just start a new league” This needs to stop and people need to know that sacrifices on some things will only let the sport grow to what it could be professionally. Rather then a mishmash of leagues/teams around the world. Something needs to give…my opinion.

  3. I believe that we do need to “agree to disagree” as we work towards a standardized alternative.

    We need to form one new organization that will agree to honor an agreed upon ruleset (USARS is willing to work with everyone).

    I’ve tried to start this conversation at

    I am interested in having a circuit to compete in as our leagues grow, and just like all other sports, mainstream instruction must occur. Through this, some skaters will just “learn” and a very small percentage will evolve to be professional athletes that should be paid.

    We’ve been working with our league skaters to gain skills, and we offer classes through the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department and a local Community College. We’ve been doing the same with junior skaters and hope to increase the availibility of venues to learn.

    The hard work in reviving this sport is historical and the credit is obviously pointed at WFTDA as it should be.

    A tidal wave cannot be stopped however….

  4. i’m glad to hear that there will be leagues using both men and women skating banked track. in my opinion i feel that is the only way it will make roller derby successful again. being in top physical conditioning is most important too. fans paying for admission to enjoy a game are entitled to this.

  5. just for my own knowledge, I know there are some privately owned leagues out there, but I don’t believe the skaters or personnel are getting paid… this correct?

  6. Is there one Colorado forming that is paying skaters?

    I want to eventually do this with my travel team but it will take awhile to build this, and not until we’re are solid in renting the banked track. First things first, and in the plan.

    Agreed banked track is the only way for a pro league to go.

    OSDA Pro has changed their name. I’ll post it if no one else does

  7. With regard to emerging professional leagues interacting with existing amateur leagues, there is no reason they can’t exist in tandem. In fact, it presents a way to identify developing talent for the professional ranks. The ease of setting up and playing flat-track derby makes it ideal for this amateur-professional filtering arrangement, as this requires that there be a large pool of ‘genetic potential’ to filter. This is, in essence, how player development in American football works, as a series of successively more restrictive filters removing those who aren’t successful at each level of competition.
    As an amateur physical preparation coach I’d love to see an integrated, comprehensive development structure to build athletes rather than select those that have survived a haphazard development. I don’t believe this is likely, as local leagues will probably be unwilling to give up that degree of autonomy. Their focus as organizations will likely be focused on building successful teams for WFTDA competition, in the way that college programs are built around winning college accolades, rather than developing athletes for the professional ranks.

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