100 dozen

I love numbers.  I have almost 150,000 readers to date, 175 posts, 1750 comments and this summer I will be 960 months old.

But think of a dozen of anything and then imagine 100 dozen.

That’s how many leagues there are right now in something that didn’t exist 10 years ago.  And almost 100,000 participants in 38 countries.

Please don’t let it die this time.

7 comments on “100 dozen

  1. I don’t know that it *can*. And that’s good, because my son’s still too young to bout and he wants to when he’s old enough. 🙂

    I don’t want it to die either. Derby’s made my life *better* in so many ways, and I know it’s done the same thing for other people. Maybe the shine will dull a bit as it becomes more normal for me– and the novelty factor will wear off for a lot of society, but I think what’s happening here is unstoppable.

    And that’s awesome.

  2. YEAH!! Amazing Jerry and there is no way it will die. It could morph into different directions but the momentum has taken hold.

    I look at what I’ve done pretty much alone just here in my tiny universe and now that I have an awesome team and community pitching in the possibilities are endless. There are a lot of great people out there adding and multiplying your numbers daily.

    Derby SAVES and YOU rock.

  3. Nah it won die – Women today are so more independent, masters of their own destiny and sport fanatics… I’ve competed in many sports in my time and the special thing about RD is that it’s a Girl Thang and we know a good thing when we come across is…

  4. Mr. Seltzer,(Jerry)

    hope all is well.. long time since saying hi.. is there a phone # i can call
    if you are still in sonoma, i am nearby in petaluma.. any chance to meet
    i wil lnever forget when you hired me to market your Roller derby the musical at theatee on the square,sf

    Michael sawicky
    c 707 225-2423

  5. There is nothing like the Wheel thing Roller Derby Baby !!! The Crowd is ready to watch some Skaters hit the Floor !!!

  6. Roller Derby, I truly believe, is here to stay. Roller derby is something so personal and yet connects us as a community worldwide. I know that I can go anywhere and stop in to say hi, and be able to leave with new friends.

    It’s completely captured me and I am invested in the movement of roller derby, and committed to keeping it growing!!!

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