“Derby Baby” will make history, and you will help

A long time ago I produced a film that was the hit of 6 film festivals, and we actually got a distributor, Cinerama.

And then we lost control of it…The film was “Derby”, a cinema verite about people in and out of the game, and in reality, a film that belonged in art houses.  But the marketing people decided to portray the film as a slam-bammer and it didn’t work…..it came and went.  And then came the creative accounting that showed us making no money at all.

Image by satty4u from stock.xchng.com.

This is the industry now, with almost no place for an independent film.  And “Derby Baby” is that.  And you look and say wait a minute, Roller Derby has hundreds of thousands of participants and fans and how can you get to them without losing everythingand never reaching all the leagues and cities..

So Robin and Ron and Dave may revolutionize the distribution of films;  and those 120 other films in the Sonoma Film Festival may get a chance that they deserve to be seen…..and it is such a wonderful radical idea that it just may work.

I will not even attempt to explain it, but if you go to “Derby Baby” on facebook or on twitter, you will see how they are setting up a method where those who want to see the film anywhere in the world can actually become a participant in a program that will give every league a chance, and it will spread the word about the game (just wait till you see this loving tribute!) and probably increase the size of your league and the game attendance.

It is so ingenious and almost as “organic” as the way the game itself has re-evolved that if this new method succeeds, you will see the film soon in your neighborhood…..Pssst, pass the word!  And there is a time restriction, so hurry up.

2 comments on ““Derby Baby” will make history, and you will help

  1. Good film I belive I saw it with Roger Ebert, and he let me use the four star review in my book ” The Blonde Bomber”
    Would love to see it again.

    By Roger Ebert / 6/15/1972
    Chicago Sun Times
    * * * *
    “Derby,” which is one of the most engaging movies I have seen in a long time, is about Mike Snell (wanting to skater) and Charlie O’Connell ( Derby star) and about why the Roller Derby is, in some respects, a mirror held up to the American lower middle class.
    There is also a lot of action; Kaylor (director) cuts back and forth between the Snell’s (new guy wanting to skate), O’Connell (derby’s male star) and actual Roller Derby games.
    I watch the Derby sometimes on Channel 32 – it’s just about the only thing on commercial TV worth watching – and I have never been able to understand why several players are not killed in every game. It is all here, the gouging and the hair-pulling and the running jumps that land your skates on an opponent’s stomach.”

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