We can do it together!

So many of you are booking “Derby Baby” to show in your city……And there will be many more.

Illustration by takje from stock.xchng.com.

So you need a promoter in your town…..and here he is.

For those who did not read my post a few times ago, please read “Baby, Derby Sonoma Explosion” when you finish this.  The showing of this wonderful film in Sonoma was so successful and sold out in advance because the promotion worked.  I have been doing it for 50 years, and each one is different.

OK, so I want to make a little bit of money (surprisingly, very little) and I want you all to be super successful, so let me  work with you the same way I did with the producers of Derby Baby and the Sonoma Film Festival.

Please contact me  and let me help you with booking the theater or hall, setting up ticket sale, customer bonuses, marketing PR, whatever so you can maximize your awareness and revenue from the event and make it successful and have a great time!  And if you like, we can set it up to sell tickets by cell phone with Mogotix.com.

Contact me at facebook, at jerryseltz@aol.com or however.  Let’s work together.

Trust the Commissioner!

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