what do you want?

Illustration by ba1969 from stock.xchng.com.

Per your suggestions, I am going to construct some kind of book out of a number of these posts, add some important filler information, some great photos and whatever I can find left in the refrigerator.

The question is, it is pretty damn expensive to self publish.  How many would take an inexpensive ebook?

Whatever you want I will do.

Within reason.

7 comments on “what do you want?

  1. give it a rest, Anthony, it will be more about all Roller Derby, tickets and rock and roll, my sex life, you know, the usual stuff.

  2. Limited release, soft cover..and a signed copy! 😀 (Maybe a book tour to see you too). I know I dream big, but really…you asked. Cheers on the book; whatever you do it will be great!

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