5 comments on ““Four Score” holy sh……

  1. On this same day you were born, Lou Gehrig is 1st to hit 4 consecutive HRs; Yanks beat A’s 20-13 AND
    Von Hindenburg disbaned the German Parliament. Other than the fact that these two events share your birthday, I have no idea what they have to do with this Happy Birthday wish. Happy Birthday Jerry and P.S., Von Hindenberg was an asshole.

  2. Will be another chapter soon to make life more interesting of the day of our past.
    You wrote about all the good times, Now tell about what you forsee in the future.
    Your writting is great love reading about stories that we the skaters only guessed,
    But there is a lot we also lived with the Seltzer Clan,Love most of the times with the family members and we all miss them very much. Love Loretta

  3. Congrats, Jerry! Do you have an email address? I am about to release a roller derby fantasy novel, and I was wondering if you’d like to read it.

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