seems to be a lot going on in Derby land….

Rollercon will be interesting this year (well, it always is)l

I will be heading a seminar on ways to make your league more profitable and of course require help from those who have and those who haven’t.

And there are those who are trying to differentiate the way the game is played.

USARS has announced a national tournament, with regionals and a championship.

Donna “the hotflash” Kay is proceeding with her one world Derby in Seattle area, after having successful breast cancer surgery.

Great Lakes Roller Derby has been started with a very interesting concept:  form a state-wide league with the teams competing against each other on a regular basis, with standings, rivalries and all the benefits of league play.  you can join if you want.

And there are big doings with battles on the bank (“we don’t want banked track”  oh yeah?).

And something is going on in Mobile.

And MADE and MRDA are expanding their worlds.

And of course WFTDA is adding leagues around the world, and everyone is getting excited about the regionals.

Derby Lite is gaining ground for recreational Roller Derby.

I had always assumed that the game and those within it would seek its own level depending upon what the players want.  Obviously, this is upsetting to those who feel there should be one set of rules, one game, and one way of doing it.

Don’t forget, this is a do it yourself enterprise.  And frankly, I don’t care how they do it as long as it is Roller Derby and those playing it and watching it are satisfied.

7 comments on “seems to be a lot going on in Derby land….

  1. This is great Jerry! And we can’t forget the GIGANTIC gathering of the over 40 skaters….. but I digress.

    I love the Great Lakes Area Roller Derby concept and I’ll be working to launch that around here in Washington too.

    Derby SAVES!

  2. OH, and I forgot to mention that MUCH is happening with OSDA. I will have an updated rules handbook available at Rollercon. Old School rules are fast and simple. We are working hard here to clarify them for all future leagues to know exactly how to interpret the written rules.

  3. We don’t play the roller derby many remember from television in the 1970’s and 80’s. There you would see all sorts of theatrics and drama that blinded viewers to the real athleticism of roller derby. Today, we play a very structured and serious sport. Our league plays on a flat track, versus the banked track that most remember from those old TV shows and in movies about roller derby. People still play on a banked track though it isn’t as common due to the need for a permanent location for the track. Flat tracks can be laid out temporarily on any smooth skating surface and allow for spectators to view the action from a broader range of locations. Thunder Road Roller Girls follows the rules and regulations set forth by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association, or WFTDA (we pronounce it “wuhft-da”). Our goal is to one day become a member of WFTDA, though there is still a lot of hard work and sweat ahead.

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