The Tenth

As you have probably figured by now I love numbers and statistics (“1266 league in 38 countries with 80,000 participants”).

This is my 206th post of my blog….there has been over 171,000 viewings since I started…..there are over 400 subscribers, etc.

And this year is the tenth anniversary of modern Roller Derby (the 77th year of the sport’s existence).

Are you aware that Americans are given credit for only creating three sports:  basketball, volleyball, and Roller Derby?

So what is going on the Derby world to acknowledge this tenth?  Shouldn’t we all kind of look around and say how could this all have happened in just 10 years without a business plan or Donald Trump?  Look at the skating organizations, the way the leagues are structured and – most important to me – just how skilled the players have become.

In most of the games I have seen recently it is clear that the skaters understand the game, if not entirely their role.  The fans may not always understand the necessity for skilled pack play before and after the jam begins; actually the most excitement for me is at the start of the jam when the blockers are trying to get their jammer out and stop the other team’s;  it is equivalent to great line play in football or an efficient block out in basketball.

When I was at Craneway last week for the Bay Area/Kansas City matchup it was immediately apparent that the large audience knew the game, what to look for and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

And I think that is what to celebrate this tenth anniversary……the people know.

4 comments on “The Tenth

  1. 1. How did you get into roller derby?I heard about it at the Freshers Fayre when I started University in 2009. Sadly, work commitments clashed with the training times so I wasn’t able to come along to the sessions. I noticed the stall at the fayre the following year and luckily my work schedule had changed so I was able to come along and give it a go. It really doesn’t feel all that long ago, but that was over 18 months ago!2. What has been your favourite derby experience so far?I cherish every bout I take part in, but my favourite experience so far has to be GI Jam. I think this is the bout where I really felt I had used all the skills I have learned and really had a good understanding of the game. I continually learn something each time I bout and I really felt this was a great game for me. I was awarded best jammer for this also. Proudest moment so far! I hope there are many more to come!

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