I hope it’s not my last rodeo

I am really getting excited!  On Tuesday, Judi, Jim and I drive to Las Vegas.

I could care less about the shows, the gambling……any of that.

I will be at my 5th (and maybe last) Rollercon.

I just posted on my two facebook pages (Jerry Seltzer and Gerald Seltzer) a real great primer for Rollercon by Eleqtraction on what to pack, expect, eat, etc……I highly recommend you read it (right after you finish this, of course).  It will help you anticipate and prepare for the aggravating parts of 5000 people trying to accomplish what they are coming for.

This will be probably the most fun for me….my Derby world has expanded because of my sites, posts, etc and of course my 5 minutes in “Derby Baby”.  Please seek me out if you want. let’s talk, take photos and just express our love of Derby.

For the first time I will be in a booth (if you don’t know by now that it is booth 61, then I have failed in my mission to pound it in to you), along with Judi Flowers, Jim Weymouth, Dan Cooper, and my Derby bride to be, the beautiful and courageous Lori Milkeris (see my post, “I like women” elsewhere on this blog).  And by the way, Lori will be taking contributions to her ongoing medical costs by selling those wonderful bracelets again.

And the fact that Dan’s company, GoMerch, really wants to become part of the Derby family is the reason we are there.  GoMerch is a leading fanwear distributor for music, sports and more.  They ship from three locations in the states, 2 in Canada, and more in Europe.  The use the best labels at the best prices and the fastest shipping.  Dan wants to become your leagues’ supplier for fan merchandise.

And we will be showing some cool designs, some by GoMerch, some by the fabulous Erin “lucydynamite” Loggoa who is part of SeltzerBrand (Judi, Jim and me also) and Laura Blastfemi has also given us some of her fabulous patches.

And the uniform company that has really taken the Derby world by storm (so professional, all sublimation designs, no need for patches, top quality) will be on display.  We have a handout to give to each league since Doug Martin will not be on hand, just some of his designs.  Go to www.completeteamoutfitters.com and go to Roll Models at the bottom of the page.  be sure and look at the several dozen samples.

And of course (the promoter has to add more!) a great raffle.  come by (booth 61, in case you forgot) and get a ticket that you keep the entire event.  You may win some of Laura’ products, bag tags (by Judi Flowers), autographed “Roller Derby to Rollerjam” classic (we will be selling in the booth also) and more.  And the grand prize to be given away on Saturday is a genuine Pioneer Jersey from 1968, worn by coach Bob Hein, from Sand knitting mills……It will have a letter of authenticity from the Commissioner.  And Judi will be taking orders for SeltzerBrand (www.seltzerbrand.com).  And we will have some original Derby dvds playing in the booth!

Now if that were not enough, I will be attending Donna “hotflash” Kay’s seminar, being in Lara Irons Crazy skates skybox at 3 PM on Saturday with the over 40s group (did you know there are 1220 members of Derby over 40?  How many are there are out there?…..they have their own site on Facebook) after their over  40 game (Slow down Punk! versus Get off of my Lawn).  Then my seminar at four PM on marketing and making your league successful……..I probably have different ideas than others.   And Donna will be there with me.

Then the Hawaiian Party, Black and Blue, Pants off, Dance off and whatever……and of course Lori and my Derby wedding…..Judi and I hope Val will be there.

That is the reason for the title of this piece…..I am not sure if I can get on this horse again.    Well, I guess after a few days I will start to look forward to next year……..and what is this I hear about Australia?

5 comments on “I hope it’s not my last rodeo

  1. Jerry – have a great time! Please give my big sis, Donna “the hotflash” a gentle hug from me. You’ve gotta love that lady! She is the best thing to happen to modern Derby in a long time! Also, best of luck with your venture. Wish I could be there to represent the old guard too.

    • I am not certain how many people realize that your comments and devotion are all for the love of the game….you are a treasure, Joe.

      • Thank You, Jerry! To have the son of the founder of Roller Derby as a friend is beyond words for me. You know me too, you know that I love Derby as much as anyone you’ve met. If I were a mega millionaire, Derby would be back. I wouldn’t run it as a hobby but as a legit, major sport. I would start a state of the art training center, pay the trainees and have them sign contracts like other athletes do today. I would provide bonus incentives, professional uniforms (based on the old school with a new school look). I would not allow fishnets or fake names – as they take away from the legitimate look of the sport. In other words, I would run it like Roller Jam shoulda/coulda been! Oh, my commissioner would be Jerry Seltzer. I would also bring in my friend Ken Sikes who started Penn Jersey Roller Derby and OSDA for advice, support and because he’s an all-around great guy. I would attempt to win over the WFTDA leagues (as you have done) and show them how the old school (5 stride, proper pivot, lead jammer, one whistle, alternating women and men’s periods, etc., etc.) make for a more competitive and fun game to skate.

        For those whom I may have insulted, it wasn’t intentional, but I hate it when the modern Derby is dismissive and disrespectful of the Seltzer era Derby and I will NEVER back down when I know I’m right.

  2. Sorry this will be my first yr of missing the roller con.Jerry give them hell and let them know what the years of what skaters blood ,sweat & tears were to jkeep this sport alive for all these years. Im not really sure why derby died, but glad its made it comeback even though its not our derby of the past its a new life style that fan & skaters will never forget.
    Go back and look at films of skating of the past and see what it took to play offencive & a very strong defencive game. check out my web site,to read the way skaters posted.

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