stop and think….today is a milestone in the game you love.

77 years today.  And through much turmoil and premature announcements of its death, the game has been reborn.

It lay in dormancy for almost 40 years until a group of women in Austin, Texas (and their story is amazing) revived it, and today there are almost 1300 leagues in 38 countries with almost 80,000 participants.  And the growth is not done yet.

Surprisingly, Roller Derby remains almost a hidden sport to much of the world, in spite of the fact it is estimated it draws almost a million spectators a month to watch it.  And that is because all leagues are independent and don’t have a promotional machine behind them (don’t jump at me; some do have great marketing).  And as often happens, some want to keep the names, others don’t; some want uniformity, others don’t; some want unified rules, others don’t.  Whatever the differences are, the game keeps developing and moving forward.

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So here is who I want to personally honor today:  all who have through personal and financial sacrifice and great physical effort to create a fully competitive game and who honor the name Roller Derby by your contributions to the community.

Please appreciate yourself today……..we all do.

2 comments on “stop and think….today is a milestone in the game you love.

  1. Happy Anniversary to Roller Derby!!

    As for “Modern” Derby, to those of you who want uniformity, unified rules and the usage of their given names – I salute you!

    Jerry – I always salute you, my friend!

  2. Thanks Jerry. For everything.

    To those of you that enjoy the organic, as yet to be screwed up by American Capitalism, sport that is roller derby; I salute you, your derby names, your fuck you get past me attitude, and your push for female empowerment.

    Don’t let anyone tell you it’s their sport. It aint. It’s OUR sport.

    Bob Ueckerlele

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