before we trash Oly…..

Three prime-time stars have left their team to join Oly just in time for the Nationals.

My good friend (and Pastor) Dumptruck calls it a douchebag move, and it does seem to give the Washingtonians an unfair advantage.

But let us look at a couple of things.  There apparently is no money involved, as I believe that would be illegal under WFTDA rules.  And as more and more players are trying to take advantage of their star power to add to their income and careers, the only true national showcase for coverage is the Championship tourney.  Look what the game has done for Suzy Hotrod, although I personally feel she (and Val Capone and some others) have done far more for a game that does not seem to be actively promoting itself.

And this activity seems real small potatoes when on this day the LA Dodgers picked up a quarter billion dollars in payroll to acquire three players from the Red Sox who they feel will lead them to the pennant this year.

Now having watched the 2010 championship in Chicago, it appeared that Oly might have been jobbed on some questionable calls, and the fact that present rules don’t stipulate a jammer on every jam, they had to face the final play with only RMRG having a jammer on the track….guess who won?  And by the way, I felt that Rocky Mountain was a great team that year, but this could be motivation for Oly this year.

And I haven’t seen Oly skate lately, but if they are not doing stroller derby, stop derby, and conga line, that should give them a bye to the championship game and bring fans back to the game.

Just my opinion.

18 comments on “before we trash Oly…..

  1. To clarify – so you can get the facts straight – Hockey Honey left AZRD previously, and not to join another top 10W team. She went to skate for an up and coming (non-WFTDA) team in San Diego, where a work opportunity lead her. Only Atomatrix and Joy Collision left for Oly, and AZRD didn’t know this until they submitted their charter. No judgement here. Just facts.

    • my point is not really about their leaving, and I understand those two skaters are retiring from active skating anyway, but merely stating my opinion on the whole scenario, which we are all entitled to do…..I have to keep saying (and this is an advantage), I am affiliated with no league or ruleset and just state what I feel…..I am not assessing any blame.

  2. It’s not Oly’s fault. It’s not AZRD’s fault. It’s not the skaters fault. It’s (once again) poor WFTDA rules/policy. The same policy that still allows strollergame and the lack of desire by WFTDA to give one shinola what the fans feel. If WFTDA wants to make this game more marketable and help the local leagues pick up mainstream sponsors (not just bars and tattoo parlours), they need to be focused on fan satisfaction and skater safety. Behind the closed doors of WFTDA, it’s still “by the skaters, for the skaters” all the way. When the world stage passes right by WFTDA, we’ll know why.

  3. on a side note, I hate to hear all that stuff about a jammer penalty in the last jam and thus losing by a point or two. It assumes that the losing team would have won, if not for that other team that was clearly so underpowered that they were able to… wait… keep the score virtually tied at the end?

    It was a close game and even if there were two jammers out there it could have gone that way. Could have just as easily been held up in the pack or any other number of things to have the same outcome.

    I know you have some pretty strong feelings on how the WFTDA rule set works, but that wasn’t why Oly lost that game. It was a close game and at that point, anything goes. The best way to make sure that you don’t lose by one or two points due to a late penalty is to make sure that you play stronger throughout the entire game and win by a definitive margin. Otherwise – even teams – anything goes!

    • The rule that does not allow each team to have a jammer on each jam (penalize the player, not the helmet) is wrong, despite your protestations…..and I was there, and it did have an effect on the final score. and I had seen it occur in the same circumstance in the finals in Portland.

  4. Went to the Oly/Minnesota bout in Olympia tonight. No stroller derby, no stop derby but they did do the conga line 3 or 4 times in the second half. Perhaps not an automatic ticket to the finals, but the semi-finals? (lol)

      • See, that would be interesting – helmets covered in fruit! They did it a couple more times tonight against Texas. Although I must say, even though I understand what teams are trying to accomplish with that tactic, all I see are jammers having to work that much harder to pick up points on the power jam than they really have to. I’ve even seen jammers sent to the penalty box themselves for track cuts and back blocks while their “blockers” were busy standing around doing nothing on the outside of the track. Oh well…to each their own, I suppose.

      • Conga line? Are you saying that’s a legitimate play the girls are doing in the game? If so the game is going downhill fast.

  5. It is something they do, but as I said, I haven’t exactly seen raving success out of it up to this point. It’s one of those things that, once it’s bitten enough teams in the ass, they’ll give it up and stop doing it. Although there have also been times when teams have used it to set up some great offensive blocking during a power jam. The 4 skaters time it right to swoop down towards the inside and, effectively, wall-off the opposing players. To set up for that is one thing. But to just stroll around while your jammer fights for her life and risking a penalty that would nullify your power jam makes no sense to me at all.

      • The team I play with, as well as other teams that are around us, incorporate this ‘play’. I HATE it. I, personally think it’s… *trying to think of the best words for it..* chicken shit and lame. I know a lot of minor league teams utilize this methodology to try & force the other teams hand.. and try to run the conga line (ineffectively). Even Fast pack. Even when this play IS effective, I STILL think this play is lame, (in about 75% of the cases, you don’t have a team that can effectively stop it). Again. Hate the play.. and yes. I feel that “you look ridiculous! What in the HELL ARE YOU DOING?!?!” screams through my head every time I see it. I don’t think it accurately represents the skill set of the team, rather, it feels like a demeaning cheap shot. Again. everyone is entitled to their opinion.. I just don’t like the play.

        Myxd Sygnls, EDG

      • Very well said. It seems to me that I, and possibly many other people, have a different opinion as to what roller derby is as compared to the girl’s leagues. To me it’s a sport that is played by atheletes using their speed, strength and the particular skills which make this sport what it is. I don’t see it as a game where rather then skating a good hard game, lame strategies and slow skating to stall the game are the way the game is played. We’re told that the game is evolving for the new generation. If this is what it is evolving into, no thanks.

  6. has everyone forgotten why they wanted to train, learn the game and skate: so they could SKATE…..why don’t you just forget about winning at all costs, and play the game you joined to play…

  7. Sorry, but until proven otherwise, nobody AND BY GOD I MEAN NOBODY IS GONNA BEAT GOTHAM!!!!!!!!!!

    The Original TXRDonald
    in fact, it’s more likely DOUCHEland forfeits to GGRD AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Juke: The 8th. September 8th. First bout of the MNRG season. KC is coming to town, and they are a high-level team from the south. I think it is really cool to see how the different regions [of roller derby] play. The chance to go to Atlanta and see the level of athleticism – oh, I get goosebumps. Last year’s Champs [WFTDA Championships in Denver] was unbelievable. The games were so athletic. If you have seen any of our bouts that are at that level and it caught your interest, it is going to be a great trip for you. Getting to revel in the culture of it all. Catching any of the Big Five tournaments – it’s unlike anything else for the rest of the year.

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