we are about to get into tournament season

The regionals for WFTDA are almost upon us.

It is a great time for most of you; you will be competing against the top teams in your region in order to get to the Nationals!

And I have been to three of the Nationals and will be there again as a guest of Doug Martin of completeteamoutfitters.com.

The game of Roller Derby is about skating.   I  think by now you all know what I am saying.

Please remember the regionals and Nationals are the most fan-focused time of year and I hope you cast everything aside except giving your all to deliver the message of  what this game is all about.



2 comments on “we are about to get into tournament season

  1. Jerry, not just the nationals, but the world championships! A Canadian and an English team are in the preliminary rounds. Although they may not be top-seeded, any team can win.

    • Montreal is seeded third in the East. If they finish per their seeding (they’d likely need to get past Charm City to do so) they’d advance to Championships.

      This season they’ve managed to beat longtime #3 (now #4) Charm City 153-131, and longtime #4 (now #5) Steel City by a pile of points. Considering that they’ve done this while being down some key skaters (including Team Canada MVP Smack Daddy), it’s a real testament to the depth of their bench and their abilities.

      London Rollergirls (were #5, now #6) upset Montreal last year at Playoffs, and many of them got a good chance to play against top-level opposition at this USA/England game.

      Out in the tumultuous West region, Terminal City and Victorian Roller Derby League (from Vancouver and Melbourne, respectively) just missed qualifying for Playoffs by a hair (coming in at 12th and 13th). It’s entirely conceivable that either or both could advance to Playoffs next season.

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