while I am away

Leaving tomorrow for Seattle to consult with a great company (no, not that one).

Totally founded on a green and humanitarian basis, what you always dreamed might happen if greed didn’t prevail so much in our society.  More on that later.

For all of you devoted followers (?) I won’t be as likely to be doing as much facebook, twitter, wordpress posting.  I have a “boot camp” schedule set up and want to be brought up to snuff (strange expression) as fast as possible.

I haven’t been to Seattle in years.  And at night I am going to try and get around to what many consider the most Derby region anywhere:  Fabulous Rat City Rollers, the Oly Rollers (just a few miles south) Donna Kay’s whole new concept, OneWorld Derby, home of Elwood Bruise, I think Derby Deeds, and so many other teams and Derby things.  And you want banked track skating?  Just go to Everett a few miles to the north.

I often wondered why did Seattle develop so much?  I am originally from Portland, and certainly the Rose City Rollersare no slouches; the best junior Derby is here.  And Cherry City (Salem) showed so much heart and compassion in the memorial (and auction) for Jennacidal Tendencies’ surviving children (almost $9000 raised to date!) and I am proud of how the whole northwest (and I include British Columbia – Roller Derby needs no passports when it comes to being international – and remember, the fabulous Lucy D is from somewhere up there).

Image by Rattlhed from Wikimedia Commons.

OK, so I am known for occasionally shouting my political outbursts, but I hope I am also a positive influence in our world and my guidance is helpful. I want to see a game that is safe but has action, and I don’t think the players in any other sport compare to the depth of passion and sibling love that is in Derby;

And I will find out in this coming week whether it is the water, rain, fish throwing or whatever that has created this hotbed of Derby and the wonderful utopian company I will be visiting.

Keep those cards, letters, and posts coming.

5 comments on “while I am away

  1. Tilted Thunder plays in Everett, but they practice in the same area of Seattle as Rat City (Ballard) only a few blocks apart from each other. And I think it’s so popular up here in the northwest due to the fact that Rat City and Rose City did what any great promoter does; they figured out a way to make it a “cool” event to go through, then did a nice job of making a lot of those curious first-timers to stick around once they got through the doors.

    The weather has been awesome up here the last couple months, too. Hopefully it’ll stay that way for your visit!

  2. There is *SO* much Roller Derby in the Seattle / Puget Sound area, it’s wonderful! Besides Rat City and Oly there are the men of the Puget Sound Outcasts, the Tacoma Dockyard Derby Dames, Everett Jet City, Tilted Thunder, I-5 Roller Derby, the Bellingham Roller Betties, One World and *so* many more.
    During season there is usually multiple games every weekend, fun!

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