a Derby weekend

I fully intend to watch on DNN this weekend…..what a great asset to Derby they are.

But tomorrow night I am heading up to Sacramento to see a great double header, involving two squads (I think) from Sacred City against Resurrection Roller Derby (one of the two leagues in my county) and the BAD girls before they depart for the championships.

Larissa and Sacred City were kind enough to offer me a couple of tickets (of course I would have paid) and I will be leaving Sonoma in late afternoon for the 1 and 1/2 hour trip.

Memorial Auditorium is a perfect  Roller Derby venue.  Probably 70 or more years of age, a combination theater and sports facility, with as I recall about 3200 seats for Derby.  We played there on a consistent basis in the 60’s and 70’s.  I love when I hear that “our” buildings and arenas are used for modern Derby.  I saw the regionals there two years ago and one of the great action-filled games I have ever seen between Oly and RMRG.  With the closeness of the seating and the circular balcony above, I can’t think of a better place to watch games and feel you are on top of the action.

Sacred City is a great league; excellent skating and a real boon to the community and community activities.  And in spite of the fact that the Sacramento Kings of the NBA, and the baseball River Rats and a number of college teams play in town or nearby, they were just voted Sacramento’s favorite sports team in a media poll.

Jen Martini and the Resurrection Roller girls are my closest home town team.  They got the media all excited at the film festival in Sonoma when they showed up in gear (along with Sacred City and Sonoma County Roller girls) and skated around the plaza.  But they are very good skaters and getting better.  And their home in Rohnert Park at Cal Skate is everything you want in a rink….holds maybe a thousand,mostly families and kids, and the “stars” get to talk and meet with them….this is local Derby to me.  And it was just announced that they have qualified to play in the USARS Championship in Fresno!

And the BAD girls:  my first local exposure to modern Derby (of course I saw Windy City first), and they really have the potential to go all the way this year.  A really disciplined offense and defense, and jammers who just skate and skate, and pack players who know what to do. And they play that fast-paced controlled game that I love……ok, I am secretly pulling for them at Championships, although they are a long shot.  And they play in a building with one of the most beautiful views anywhere:  Craneway Pavilion on the Bay, with great views everywhere through the huge glass windows.

I know players well on all these teams…..this to me is what modern Derby is about.  I hope you are seeing some this weekend.  It should be the world’s favorite sport by now…..it certainly is mine.

Oh, and best of luck to Jessica this weekend!

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