Can we make this one of our last helps for the year?

Guest post from

It was a cold snowy Christmas when the phone a rang.  Lucy’s lawyer was, on the phone, a slim little woman.  Lucy was glad for the call…so very very glad. But then the tone came that made Lucy a little sad.  “They’ll file you for bankruptcy” the lawyer spoke “you won’t get anything back and you’ll sink, you won’t float!”  Lucy cried and she sobbed, “10 years I’ve done this job!”

What kind of job was it, little ones?  Lucy raised money and donated money and kept none.  She supported Roller Derby leagues and LGBT groups, she helped little kids and cleaned water with scoops!  All the money she raised, went right to someone in need.  Lucy kept little to live on and that’s all she needs.

But this Christmas, you see, a terrible thing occurred:  A grinch took all Lucy’s money away!  The server, the hosting, the tuition and rent…all gone because someone’s heart was made of cement.

Help her keep her site alive, donate a penny, a dollar, whatever you can.  Help keep the site running, just do it now, man.

(This post has caused the commish to flinch, he is giving, proving he is not a grinch).

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