The ideal March

Image by Fanginhood from

Image by Fanginhood from

I feel as though I never plan ahead, but maybe if I write it out I can get it done.  So here is what I hope to get accomplished in the next month:

1.  Get to Livermore (Ca).  I want to meet with the people from the American Red Cross who would like to set up much needed blood drives because of all the recent tragedies and want to utilize for promotion Northern California Roller Derby leagues…..I certainly feel that is doable.  And I heard there is a beautiful place to eat in Livermore, so I will be killing two birds with one stone!

2.  I hope to get to Los Angeles to the mecca of Roller Derby, the fabulous Doll House.  If it works out, it would be the third week.  I feel everyone can learn from what these women have accomplished, and perhaps most of all, me.  Are you listening Demolicious, Suzy Snakeyes Jen and Evil?  And I really want to see Oly skating on their home ground.

3.  Help Bob Noxious convince every Roller Derby League to use Brown Paper Tickets.  Look, I ran Roller Derby, helped create the world’s largest ticketing company so who else knows Derby and tickets?  If you are not using Brown Paper Tickets (the only fair trade, not just for profit, green company in the industry), you are missing out on cost (none to the league), service charge:  just 99 cents per ticket, plus credit card charge, and unlimited help with promotion, venue, customer service.  I joined them because they are the best at what they do and are best for you.  If you can’t believe the commish, who can you believe?  no matter if you don’t think you need on line sales, phone sales, you will be surprised whom you will reach and at professionalism to your league.

4.  See as many leagues play as I can.  Please understand that I appreciate all of your invitations, but geography and time are against me…..isn’t it time we really have a Scotty to beam us up?

5.  Get ready for Rollercon;  I want to concentrate with you on new ways to increase your attendance, help your marketing, and suggestions for game “staging” – no, not the game, but the venue.  And certainly advice on merchandising for those who want it.  And I am getting ready for my third Derby wife, the almost unbelievable and surreal Donna “thehotflash” Kay.  She has created One World Derby (check it out), works endlessly for the game, and had a double masectomy in the past 7 months, and her attitude “I can skate faster without boobs!”.

I can’t wait to see all of you.   If you don’t say hello we will both regret it.

Well, that takes me through July.

3 comments on “The ideal March

    • And I love them all equally…..Val Capone, the treasure of Derby; Lori Milkeris, who has overcome so much (with all your help) and has such positive energy, and now “hot flash” whom we all stare at in amazement.

      Of course then, there is my Judi who is not threatened but encourages my love of Derby and those within it.

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