A different way in Derby to give blood

One of the least things known about Roller Derby of all the misconceptions is how much the leagues give to other organizations and the community.

That is why the recent American Red Cross blood drive with the Santa Cruz Derby Girls was so successful and caught the interest of the Red Cross in Northern California.

I recently met with Justin Mueller, Director of Resources Development, and Thomas Petty, member of Board of Directors for the Red Cross (and Thomas is a friend of Scott Bland from Houston) and discussed the possibility of involving all Northern California leagues in this very essential  effort.  I was a Bay Area Board member for two years and saw up front just how dedicated the people in this organization are in helping victims of disasters, fires, and tragedies of all kind, and how much was done during our very own earthquake disaster in 1989.

And having blood on hand is always crucial; unfortunately Northern California has some of the lowest supplies of any region.

So this August will be Red Cross/Roller Derby blood drive month.  We hope to get all leagues involved from Mendocino to Sacramento  south and including Monterey.  And the Roller Derby representative for this drive is Shebangz, from the Tri Valley Roller Girls.

Photo by wolak from stock.xchng.com

Photo by wolak from stock.xchng.com

There will be extensive promotion and media coverage, other participants, and with your promoting it at upcoming games the donor bus can be scheduled in your area.  And remember, you get cookies and or doughnuts afterwards!.  Hopefully we can get as many players and fans to join in.  There will be a prize for the most successful league!

Giving blood can be done pretty much by anyone, and you will be made aware of the few restrictions.  Obviously the drive will not be held on a game day.  I will give during the drive, as there is no age restrictions for older guys like me.

This will be great for future victims, the Red Cross and obviously all the leagues participating.   To join in the effort, please contact Justin Mueller, Director Resources Development for the Red Cross: justin.mueller@redcross.org, or contact me, and you will be given all the details.

I know how much you give and do by just participating in your league…can you just add this to your filled bucket list?

One comment on “A different way in Derby to give blood

  1. Any recently tattooed people will be automatically disqualified from giving blood. Also most people who do any type of overseas travel will be barred as well. I haven’t been able to give blood in years because of these two restrictions.

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