Sonoma Music Festival……listen to the music

Sonoma Music Festival.

I know that you in the Roller DerbyLeagues think you created music for your events; actually my father would have exciting music played over the loudspeakers (William Tell Overture, Flight of the bumblebee) during jams.

I grew up with music, with so many major changes over my lifetime:  swing, pop, ballads, blues, and rock and roll.  And I never went to rock and roll shows till I was over 40 (well, I did see Jimi Hendrix and had to go to the Fillmore to see Bill Graham present three great bands for $2.50 and give everyone an orange or apple).

But after starting BASS tickets I saw every major rock and/or blues band, and finally understood the effect that live music has on the individual.  And I did that for over 25 years.  Some of my favorites:  the Stones, of course; the Who; The Pretenders; Springsteen, Bog Marley, Benny Goodman (!), Rod Stewart (when he played fun rock and roll, with the Faces); the Kinks, Tina, John Mayall blues, The Doobies, Janis, Willie, and on and on.

Image from jaylopez from

Image from jaylopez from

Now it is so expensive to see live music, you have to be selective; and often the service charge is 5 or 6 times what the ticket charge is.

Up until a few years ago we had a great music event in Sonoma:  The Sonoma Jazz Festival, which was an offshoot of the Aspen Jazz Festival.  And yes there were great jazz artists:  Alicia Keyes, Tony Bennett and more, but also rock and roll from Steve Miller and on.  It was too costly for our town and ended.

But now Kurt Krauthamer and his volunteer organization is bringing the Sonoma Music Festival (Please click above to go to the link) this coming weekend.  Six great bands over two nights at the lovely, intimate Sebastiani theatre.  The music encompasses 6 genres:  swing, rock, bluegrass, reggae, New Orleans blues-soul, pop-rock and funk; and this even includes Janis’s band!

The shows are benefits for the Sebastiani Theatre Foundation and Pets Lifeline.

And if they are successful, Kurt may build on them to bring us a major outdoor festival next year.

Obviously tickets are outrageously expensive?……, they are just $25 per night, and with the low service fee from Brown Paper Tickets of less than $1.90 (including credit card charge!), these two great nights are the year’s best value.

Please go now to and put “Sonoma Music Festival” for the event at the top of the site.  I will see you there.  Surprisingly, tickets are still available.

And bring someone who hasn’t heard live music in a long time; and they won’t have to use earphones.

One comment on “Sonoma Music Festival……listen to the music

  1. Jerry, Check out Rising Stars Music Competition on Facebook and at 12-hours of local music raising money for whatever family friendly non profit that wants to participate. This will be my 6th year of having the pleasure of organizing and promoting this event.

    I am like you.. not a skater, I am a promoter who supports local music, local derby and local non profits 🙂

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