We must let Joel know his mother and he are part of the Derby family.


Yesterday with all the horror of Boston going on, I went onto google to see how it was being reported throughout the world.

By coincidence, a newspaper in NSW Australia had a story about a tragic death of a single mother of a ten-year old boy who was now left with very little family.

A fund had been set up for her burial, and all monies over that would go toward his living and education.  He is now with his aunt.

Sredy skated Derby and the 41-year old was loved by all.

I was so touched by the story that I posted the site for donations (please click above) and made a small donation myself.  This morning I was astonished to see a message from Tammy Tantrum Cryz who mentioned that she had attended my seminar at Rollercon, brought me some Australian mementos (of course I remembered), and incredibly, was Sredy’s Derby wife!

Well that brought on the tears.

I am not truly one of you.  I was born into Roller Derby, was the caretaker for 15 years, but never skated on a team.  I announced and promoted.

That is why I am so involved in letting the world know about this activity that cannot just be defined as just a game; you all know it is far more personal and life-enhancing than that……a world-wide sisterhood and brotherhood that transcends borders and cultures and differences…..you are all family.

And I have seen how Derby responds:  when Lori Milkeris almost lost her life because of domestic abuse, you were all there for her, and she was the primary reason “Derby against domestic violence” was formed by Rhea.  And when the almost super-woman Donna “thehotflash” Kay came blasting into the game in her fifties and has done so much since, that was the inspiration for “Derby over 40″which by the end of the month will have 1800 members.

And so many sites and charities and community organization are  just a part of your Derby DNA!  And I am so pleased to be part of the Red Cross/Roller Derby blood drives of which so  many of you have already indicated your involvement.

This memorialization of Sredy is another chance for us to join hands worldwide and tell Tammy and Joel and all her friends and family in Australia that they fall under the shield of Roller Derby.  Please donate if you can – any amount – and if you can’t, just think of how all-encompassing the Derby world is.

12 comments on “We must let Joel know his mother and he are part of the Derby family.

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing this Jerry, I am from Sredys home league of Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby, she was a beautiful woman an amazing skater and a very dear friend. Finding out about Sredys death was devastating and we are all trying to come to terms with her leaving. For Joel, we are all wanting nothing but the best for her special little man…
    The response to Sredy’s death has been overwhelming, I just can not believe how amazing this community is and how much we care for one another, words can’t express our gratitude. I witnessed a similar response when Two Ton Taylor (sydney roller derby league) passed away tragically after a bout in 2010. I feel so blessed to be a part of this amazing family, it’s times like this you realize it’s not just a sport.
    Much love to all my derby sisters and brothers all over the world…
    Thank you to you all xxx
    Janis Job-Em xxx

  3. Done. And done. I am so proud and excited to be (even a small) part of the Roller Derby community…or family rather. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  4. The roller derby community as a whole is one of the greatest things I have ever been a part of and it’s things like this where the community really stands out, all these people putting their hands in their pockets to help, from all over the world. I could not be more proud of the roller derby family.

  5. Derby has, for all intents and purposes, saved my life. I just wanted to let anyone who reads this know that. I didn’t know Sredy, but I will try and make a small contribution.

  6. Thank you Jerry for this heartfelt post. While I did not know Sredy in person, I do feel the loss of one of our derby sisters, as I did with Two Ton Teyla’s passing in 2010. I have an amazing league in Canberra (not far from Sredy’s home in Woolongong), and we help each other on and off the track in any way we can, so helping out Sredy’s family was no different. By remaining strong and sticking together through the bad times and the good we realise just how much derby has become so much more than skating.

  7. No words can explain thank you so much Jerry from the bottom of my heart, and thank you Tammy ( tantrum) for bringing this to Jerry’s attention, Sredy is my aunty and was my team mate for wollongong illawarra roller derby. We now have her beautifull 10yo son that she has done an amazing job with, all donations will be placed into an account for joels education and future as he has 3 things to pick from, he would like to be 1. Archieologist 2. Game maker 3. Classifacation checker. Such a bright little boy ;(

    Thank you
    Aka (A.V.O)

  8. Linda shredy Stevens is my little sister growing up with such a talented athlete and watching her win in speed skating as a teenager are some of the great memories i have with her. Then watching her being such a great aunty with my children as thay grew up and every thing she tort them to do especially skating i new she would be a great mum Then being with her for the birth of her son Joel and supporting her through the labour is my most favorite memory Watching her with her son as she became a mother i am blest to have had them years with her Joel and my youngest child are very close in age only 2 years different have grown up together watching shready and my older girls AVO. And Unleashed do roller-derby together we have attended every game and some training sessions together and these are the years that were the most fun i miss her dearly but now have to focus on Joel’s future and the had time he must face not just with the loss of his mum but all so the murder trial and media attention he and we all must face having the derby family to help us though this is a comfort for i don’t now how we could do it with out them I have custardy of Joel but believe with all my heart and sole Linda would wont him with my daughter and her husband they are a heath young couple and he loves them i am doing every think in my power to make this happen as it is in the best interest that Joel remains in the place he was born and raised knowing all of you wonderful people support us gives me the strength i need to get though Love to you all. Sharon Bell thank you

    • no one should have to go through this, but you will make your sister proud by taking care of and loving Joel……this blog has been published in Europe, UK, and many other places, and know that so many are grieving with you.

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