Somebody I have to acknowledge.

One of the interesting things about Derby is the people who also serve and associate with it.

I have been to 5 Rollercons, 4 nationals, 1 USARS championships and have really gotten to know a number of the vendors and associates well.

And I have become aware of a number who go beyond just trying to make money and give back……this is how I found Brown Paper Tickets and what they do for Derby.

But they are not whom I am talking about today.

Maybe you know (maybe you don’t) that my father and uncle created the Roller Derby Skate Company, which today under the leadership of my cousin Ed is one of the leading skate companies in the world, in Roller, ice, skateboard, hockey, in-line and more.  Ironically, they have not concentrated on Derby at all; it just hasn’t been their niche.  (No, I have no ownership).  But they do have a skate that is appropriate.

But the company that has is Riedell, under the leadership of their sales manager Scott Riegelman.

I noticed from the start that they have stepped in when needed by WFTDA, Rollercon and more……and I don’t know if Rollercon would be as much fun without the huge party and fun function that Riedell gives to the attendees.

But that is not what I am talking about.  Scott goes well beyond what he has to do as a business person.  I can’t reveal what I know, as it is not mine to say.  There are quite a few deserving people made happy by his deeds.

His company succeeds because they have a great product that serves your needs.  But in today’s world it is so much more important that a company (as Brown Paper Tickets has) joins in the community of people whom it serves.  And Derby is a community that understands that.

So next time you have a chance to see Scott (at Rollercon?), go up to him, give him a big hug, take your photo with him and send it to my page…..I am not the jealous type.

Unless I get too many photos.



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