Glitter and Spite: The topsy-turvy world of roller derby

Glitter and Spite: The topsy-turvy world of roller derby

Image by AssassinM from hope Glitter and Spice is not angry at me for reposting her article (click above); I think it is one of the best, most analytical  pieces written about modern Roller Derby.

What if you just want to skate, and not be bothered with anything else… just train…….show up, skate your game or scrimmage, go home…..I think that is what Roller Derby Rec leagues and activities like Roller Derby Lite do.

There is another alternative, and it is being applied today by some leagues, utilizing a promoter to handle all the event rental, promotion, costs etc.  I know that is what is happening, in various forms, with The Denver Roller Dolls, TXRD, LA Derby Dolls, and Boise Idaho,  although not always in the simplified manner I described.

When I operated Roller Derby we set up training schools to learn the game from great trainers…..We rented the building, put in a permanent track, etc.  Skaters were charged $1 per training session (2 hours) were expected to train 4 to 5 days a week.  When it looked like a skater was close to getting picked up by a team, he or she would be put on an amateur team and the progress would be noted.

A huge difference from today:  We employed the skaters, paid them, supplied uniforms and skates, medical care, per diem on the road (we even had profit-sharing) and the skaters had to be in shape (not hard with 4 to 6 games weekly, and just 7 men and 7 women on a team), show up to each game and be available for promotional appearances  Obviously we paid travel and housing on the road.

Where do you fit in?  If you really want to be a full-time player receiving pay for skating (and making a decent living), you probably will have to wait for professional games to appear……I know it will happen sometime; unless some of the leagues get so successful financially that they can pick up the expenses…..

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