WTF about KLOUT?

I have a KLOUT ranking of 68……..right away I hear some of you saying, “I have a higher Klout than the Commissioner.”

I don’t know how I got it, I really don’t know what it means…..there was an article in one of the leading publications how a higher Klout number (like a traveling prestige) can get you better accommodations, reservations, because you are SOMEBODY.

And Tony Myrhe was kind enough to send my a 1K certificate, which translate into a free frozen food at the market.

And now I get emails from my friends at KLOUT, telling me about what I have done recently and how it affects my KLOUT and who has read it and what their KLOUT number is so immediately I started looking and saying, hey I am higher than many of them, but I don’t know why or even care and is it just blowing smoke?

Brandy at Loudmouth Photography, you and I are tied…..what can I do in a really evil manner to get ahead of you!

Why do I feel that like foursquare, printerist, facebook, twitter, someone has made a lot of money with this KLOUT thing.

Oh, by the way, all of you out there, have you checked what your JERRY number is?

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