watch another rule set with Oly Rollers playing, and see how you can get help for your league.

National Champions of Roller Derby Take on Best Northwest Derby Teams Aug. 31-Sept. 1 at Magnuson Park.

Click on the link and read about the USARS regional this weekend in Seattle.  If you cannot see it, it might be on DNN.  It will give you an opportunity to see how the Oly Rollers skate the USARs game

Here is the moment last year when I presented them with the Seltzer Cup for their championship win….Photo by Donalee, of course.

But here is something extremely important that you might not even be aware of:  they turned to their ticket service (Brown Paper Tickets, of course) and took advantage of the free PR help given to clients.  Barb not only help rewrite the release (OK, there is a little bit of “puff” in it) but distributed it free through PRweb and provided a media list for the tourney producers… would have cost at least $400!

You should know by know that I work for Brown Paper Tickets because based on my knowledge of ticketing and companies over the past 35 years, there has never been anyone like them to help clients sell more tickets!

More leagues use BPT than anyone else, but if you are not fully utilizing the FREE services available through a not-just-for-profit company that charges only a 99 cent service fee plus credit card to the customer and charges your league NOTHING, then please go to and read the page and services provided.  And it is available in US, Canada, Europe and more.

Bob Noxious is the Roller Derby doer; on behalf of BPT he helps all leagues from promotion to scheduling and more; and you can set up donations and fund-raising in addition to your ticket sales, and all the technology from taking live phone orders, to customer ticket printing at home, to utilizing mobile devices do not cost any more, and there is live 24 hour client service.

Attendance is becoming an every increasing problem……if you are not maximizing the use of a service you already have, examine what you can do to get more advance sales.  And you might check out BPT if you don’t use them.

And this does not just apply to Derby, but to every potential client.

Brown Paper Tickets is the good guy who I don’t think shouts loud enough, and perhaps I shout too loud……but there is good reason.

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