Derby News



Roller derby competitors roll into business

Guelph Mercury-
… and her business partner, Kristy Skelton, 31, are members of the Tri-City Roller Girls, a roller derby league in which otherwise-friendly women …

The rise of roller derby

SB Nation – ‎
Greensboro Roller Derby (GSORD) didn’t set out to redefine female athletics, but it’s doing so — whether they realize it or not. What started with 50 interested women in a bar’s basement has grown into a league that will last. There’s no big money to be made, 

Shanghaied Roller Dolls: Pirates crush Sailors, but it’s all in the family

Daily Astorian – ‎
Shanghaied Roller Doll turned referee, Scars Volta, sports much of the racy attire associated with Roller Derby including colorful tattoos, a tight fitting uniform and unique eyewear. Her job on the track is serious though as safety is the number one concern of 

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