it is now truly international

We saw how well the London Roller Girls did in their regional…..They almost toppled Denver (one of my all time favorite leagues!), and probably learned a lot about the style of play and officiating on this side of the pond.

I hope to be in Salem for the regional there in a few weeks. Once again there will be a lot of interest on the Victoria (Melbourne) team. And I feel they will do very well and will get to the Championships. (I picked two out of three finalists from Ft.Wayne! Ohio was really such a long shot I honestly didn’t consider them, but they are a real threat in Milwaukee).

The full balance of talent is not world-wide yet, but it will be. Maybe someday we will see 6 10-team leagues worldwide in a Division 1 situation. I predict it will happen within 5 years, with another 2000 leagues in 60 countries that will be Division 2 through Division 10.

Forget the Olympics…….the boulder rolls on unimpeded!

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