week ahead, Portland – Salem Divisionals -Seattle…….and my projected winners

Last fall I was in Atlanta for the Championships and thought the Derby girls there did a great job of hosting……the surprise to me was just how dominant the Gotham Girls were, and this year they look even stronger, and I don’t know of anyone out there who might beat them.

The divisional in Salem looks really intriguing – with one of my all-time favorite leagues Cherry City hosting – just a great mix of teams from everywhere: Melbourne, Toronto, my locals Bay Area and Sacred City, Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago Outfit, Boston, Atlanta, and the closest thing to a home team, Seattle.

Because of obligations in Portland (and I have to get to Seltzer Park in Seaside, honoring the game’s founder, Leo Seltzer)and Seattle, I can only see the first round in person, and intend to be on hand all day Friday except for my time with Terry Sol (a Roller Derby fan all of his life) at KBZY radio. The last time I was in Salem was when we played at the Armory a long time ago.

The Northwest with Portland, Rat City and Oly have been leaders in Derby for quite a while. And of course the BAD girls are up there every year. But there is definitely the possibility of having no West Coast representation this year. Oly is competing in USARS and Portland (I know they don’t want to make excuses) had to travel all the way across the country and was eliminated……I would have liked to have seen the Rose City Rollers as the local rep in Salem, but I have nothing to do with it.

Nobody knows the exact comparative strength of Victorian; they did very well on an earlier tour of the area, and I don’t think the rankings do them justice. I feel they are a real dark horse. The way it should play out is BAD, Rat City, and Toronto going on to the nationals. My dark horse picks: Victoria, Toronto, and BAD. I would love to see three international teams in Milwaukee.

And what is truly ironic is that if the West Coast teams don’t get out of Salem, then tiny Santa Cruz by winning their playoff against their fellow Division 2 opponent could end up in Milwaukee.

And wouldn’t it be great if there were so few penalties that there were almost always two jammers on every jam……

See you in Salem. Please say hello to me as I return to my home state.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/52401610@N08/4821078009/ did you know that the Peanuts gang followed Bay Area Roller Derby back then? click on link.

4 comments on “week ahead, Portland – Salem Divisionals -Seattle…….and my projected winners

  1. Jerry, it would be nice to see both jammers on the track at the same time in most jams; however, I’m afraid the whistle-happy refs won’t let that happen! I went to the D2 playoff in Kalamazoo, MI, at the end of August, and the amount of weak penalty calls was staggering. It’s even worse than the phantom penalty calls in the NHL! I’ve also suggested that “Five on Five” magazine should be renamed “Three on Two” as that’s how many jams were skated!

    Anyway, I’m rooting for the DEE-troit DER-by GIRLS!

    Rusty Wheeler

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