KISS And Derby

No, I do not mean the group Gene Simmons heads.

KISS is a great acronym used for so many different projects: Keep it simple stupid.

There is an easy explanation of why soccer is really the universal game on our planet……and even becoming widely accepted in the USA, contrary to early beliefs.

It is easy to play on any field and is easy to follow and understand.

Yes, there are a lot of rules, but they do not interfere with the flow of the game. And with the 22 players on the field, rushing from one end to another, there is just one referee, with linesmen on the sidelines. Penalties are clear cut and understandable.

Roller Derby became a pack game where the players would engage using technique and strategy to aid their players and stop opposing players. Again, I am writing my opinions as a promoter and as a fan of the game.

When neither the fan nor the player understands why up to 100 penalties a game are called (or even what they are for), and the game seems to be a series of one team power jams with no engagement in the pack, it does not make fans (or even skaters) very excited.

Let’s make no mistake: if it weren’t for WFTDA organizing, Roller Derby would not be where it is today. But actually MADE and TXRD are closer to leaving the skaters skate. And USARS is trying, although still too many penalties and other areas that are confusing. And using WFTDA as a basis, I love what the LA Derby Dolls have done to the game, which assures a great evening of Derby regardless of the score.

There are great teams in action at the Championships. I know some will take advantage of the loopholes in the rules, and others will just compete as hard as they can.

But I think I speak for many when I say: please just let them skate the game!

Keep it simple stupid.

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